Board of Trustees Presidential Search Committee Charter

Charge and Mission

The Wentworth Institute of Technology Board of Trustees hereby establishes a Presidential Search Committee to conduct a comprehensive search for the next president of the university and to present to the Board of Trustees the names of acceptable candidates for Board consideration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Select and retain a search consultant who will assist the committee throughout the process.
  2. Solicit feedback from the university community including faculty, staff, students, alumni, University Advisers, and Trustees Emeriti regarding attributes and qualifications desired in the next president.
  3. Develop a Leadership Profile for review, input, and approval by the Board of Trustees that describes the criteria the committee will use in its search for the future president.
  4. Conduct a comprehensive search to recruit a large and diverse pool of well-qualified candidates.
  5. Ensure potential candidates receive information about Wentworth’s mission, vision, values, strategic initiatives, and summary information about academic programs, enrollment, retention, and institutional resources.
  6. Screen candidates and nominees based on the characteristics identified and criteria within the Leadership Profile.
  7. Set and seek to achieve an aspirational goal for representation by women and underrepresented groups throughout the search process.
  8. Select and interview as semi-finalists those candidates who present the strongest qualifications.
  9. Submit to the Board of Trustees by January 31, 2019, the names of no more than five (5) recommended finalist candidates who, in the committee’s judgment, are well-qualified to lead the university. Include a synopsis of the committee’s perspectives regarding each recommended finalist candidate and why each is being recommended.
  10. Maintain strict confidentiality in accordance with a signed written agreement stating confidentiality expectations.

Shared Governance

The Wentworth Board of Trustees is committed to shared governance principles as well as to the best possible search and appointment process. Due to confidentiality expectations of many highly qualified potential candidates for the presidency, reconciling these two aims requires careful consideration. The Presidential Search Committee and the Board of Trustees may seek guidance from the Presidential Transition Committee and the Shared Governance Steering Group (SG2) throughout the search process to ensure as much transparency and participation as possible with all university constituencies while also protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the search process. A dedicated web site and other communications will keep the community informed of progress in the search while balancing the necessary confidentiality of the process.


The chair of the Board of Trustees shall appoint a trustee to chair the Presidential Search Committee. The committee shall be composed of four (4) faculty members, two (2) administrators, two (2) staff members, one (1) student, two (2) people representing the alumni and University Advisers, and four (4) trustees (including the chair of the Presidential Search Committee), for a total of fifteen (15) members.

All Presidential Search Committee members are expected to attend every meeting, so members must be willing and able to make Presidential Search Committee meetings their highest scheduling priority throughout the search process. All members are expected to participate fully in the work of the committee and use their personal best judgment to achieve the best interests of the university.

Membership Selection

The Presidential Transition Committee will solicit nominations and volunteers, with their written expressions of interest in serving on the Presidential Search Committee from all campus constituencies. A brief statement of interest in serving on the committee is required.

The Presidential Transition Committee will forward the names and interest statements of nominees and volunteers to their respective constituency’s screening committee, which will select and recommend a limited number of final nominees as follows: eight (8) members of the faculty from Faculty Senate, four (4) administrators and four (4) staff members from the Shared Governance Steering Group, three (3) students from the Wentworth Student Government, two (2) nominees from the Wentworth Alumni Association and Vice President for Institutional Advancement, and two (2) nominees from the chair of the University Advisers. The chair of the Board of Trustees and the chair of the Presidential Search Committee, in consultation with others as they wish, will select the eleven (11) non-trustee members of the Presidential Search Committee from among this set of final nominees.


The Presidential Search Committee meeting schedule is determined by the committee. Meetings are open only to members of the committee and individuals that the search committee chair may invite to join them.

The Board chair and Presidential Search Committee chair will appoint a search committee coordinator, a general legal counsel, and an independent adviser to assist the search committee and the Board in conducting the search.


The committee is accountable to the Board of Trustees. The chair of the Presidential Search Committee or his designated spokesperson will provide confidential updates to the Board of Trustees as agreed to by the chair of the search committee and the chair of the Board.

Reviewed and Approved by the Board of Trustees on June 14, 2018.