Questions and Answers: The Transition of the Presidency at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Q. Now that President Zorica Pantić has announced her plan to step down on May 31, 2019, what is the next step?
A. The Board of Trustees has crafted a plan to ensure a smooth transition process and will be updating the entire Wentworth community as that process unfolds.
Q. How will the transition process work?
A. Mike Masterson, chair of the Board of Trustees, has indicated that the search for President Pantić's successor will be built on shared governance of the Institute. The Board of Trustees will be incorporating input from all stakeholders, including board and corporation members, administrators, members of the faculty and staff, students, and alumni. We have launched a website committed to providing important information about this transition process. Please bookmark, as it will be updated regularly.
Q. Will President Pantić continue to serve as president until May 31, 2019?
A. Yes. She will remain as the Institute's leader until then, allowing ample time for a smooth transition.
Q. How will members of the community be able to contribute to the transition process?
A. The Board of Trustees is making plans to communicate regularly regarding the transition and search process and, ultimately, appointment of a new president, and hopes to receive feedback from all stakeholders, including administrators, members of the faculty and staff, students, and alumni.
Q. Will there be any impact on the day-to-day operations of the university over the next year?
A. The transition process will ensure that Wentworth will continue to function as usual. We will be updating the community regularly.
Q. With President Pantic stepping down, does this signal a new direction for Wentworth?
A. The Board of Trustees greatly appreciates all of the work President Pantić has done for the Wentworth community, and they believe that whomever is chosen to be the institution's next leader will be able to build on the solid foundation that President Pantić helped to create.
Q. How will the new president be selected?
A. The Board of Trustees will be seeking input from the entire Wentworth community, as we want this to be an inclusive process. As for specific committee members, final determinations will be made at a future date.
Q. Is there a forum for me to ask questions or send comments about this process?
A. Yes. Please email with questions or comments.