Search Committee Charter and Nomination Process

June 25, 2018

As you know, President Zorica Pantić announced in February that she will be stepping down effective May 31, 2019, after a highly successful, 14-year tenure marked by historic transformations to the University’s campus and academic programs.

The University’s Board of Trustees is launching a comprehensive search for a successor—the fifth President of Wentworth. The board has central responsibility for the selection of the next president, which will be its most important fiduciary duty in the 2018-19 academic year. The board’s work will follow principles of shared governance to include all institutional stakeholders in this important selection process.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the chair of the Presidential Search Committee, Gregory B. Janey, is seeking nominations and self-nominations for volunteers to serve as members of the Presidential Search Committee. This committee will be charged with conducting a comprehensive search for Wentworth’s next president and presenting recommended finalists to the Board of Trustees.

Members of the search committee will be expected to act in accordance with fiduciary responsibility. That is, they hold the University in trust and should make “the best interests of Wentworth Institute of Technology” their primary focus throughout the process. The committee will seek consensus through thoughtful discussion. Members must maintain strict confidentiality throughout the process and beyond. Commitment to attending every meeting is essential so that members can come together over time as a cohesive team. The committee will be formed in August 2018 and serve through the conclusion of the search in late spring of 2019. A link to the presidential search time line is here.

The committee will be comprised of 15 members, including the chair of the committee, representing the following stakeholder groups: four faculty (including adjunct faculty) members, two administrators (vice presidents, associate vice presidents, associate provost, academic deans, academic department chairs, and executive directors/directors), two staff members, one student, one alum, one university adviser, and four trustees.

On June 14, the Board of Trustees approved a charter for the Presidential Search Committee. A link to the charter can be found here.

Nominations and self-nominations should be submitted between June 25 and July 20, and all nominations should be submitted via the online Presidential Search Committee Nomination and Self-Nomination Form (submission form is now closed), which also details recommended Presidential Search Committee member characteristics and criteria for selection.

All non-trustee nominations and self-nominations will be forwarded to a constituent’s respective screening committee as outlined in the charter – faculty to the Faculty Senate; administrators and staff to the Shared Governance Steering Group (SG2); students to the Wentworth Student Government; alumni to the board for the Wentworth Alumni Association; and university advisers to the chair of the University Advisers. Each screening committee will select and recommend a set number of nominees as set out in the charter to the board chair and search committee chair.

The board chair and the search committee chair will make the final selection of committee members in August. Please contact Presidential Transition Committee Member Paula Sakey via email at or via phone at 617-989-4219 with any questions you may have about this nomination and self-nomination process.


P. Michael Masterson
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Gregory B. Janey
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees
Chair, Presidential Search Committee