University Advisers

Executive Committee

Chair of the University Advisers
Rose Conti, BCN'92, ABC '09, BCM '12
Director, Lee Kennedy Company

Chair of the Advocacy Committee
John Cannistraro
President, J.C. Cannistraro, LLC

Chair of the Strategic Issues Committee
Sharon Jozokos, AET '92, CMC '93, LEED AP
Director of Healthcare Services, Columbia Construction Company

Chair of the Industry Committee
Paul Weiss, EEE '85, EEC '87, EE '88
Worldwide Accelerated Value Program Leader for Internet of Things, CLM Products

Advocacy Committee

Edward A. Bond, Jr.
Chairman and CEO, BOND, Inc.

John J. Curtis, BCS '86
President, Curtis Construction Company, Inc. 

Dana DeMatteo, BCS '83, CC '83, BUC '85
Senior Project Manager, Structure Tone

Martin D. Guyer, MEP '64, DET ’12 (Hon.)
Founder, MDG Associates Inc. and MDG Associates of Connecticut LLC

John M. Milone, CHE '71, AE '74 P'11
President, Milone & MacBroom, Inc. 

Adam Palmer, EE '09, Project Manager, J.M. Electrical Co, Inc. 

Janice E. Piccarini, P'98 (Parent)
Finance Director, Mass. Fire Prevention Inc. 

Industry Committee

Michael Anthony, IET '82, MA '84
Senior Vice President of Delivery, Earley Information Science

William Creelman, BC '64
Past Vice President, A.J. Martini, Inc. 

Norm Deinha, EET '68
Past Engineering Planning and Management Expert, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, Bechtel Power Corporation

Scott Epstein, MDS '78
CEO and Founder, Boston Scott Company

Rick Grundy, '03
President and COO of AVTECH Software, Inc.

Tom Hamill, BCS '90, CMC '91
Principal, Redgate

Dan Holzer, BELM '09
Process Engineering Manager, Evolved by Nature

Gary Johnson, AET '72
Principal, Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. 

Kathleen MacNeil, AET '81, AE '83 
Principal, MP Boston

Irene McSweeney, BCS '83, CEC '85, CE '88
Director of Construction, Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Michael Santora, BAET '05
Founder and Principal, Crown Architecture and Consulting

Al Spagnolo, AT '70
Co-Founder, Spagnolo Gisness & Associates


Strategic Issues Committee

Jacob Baron, MEC '98
Partner, Holland & Knight, LLP

Thomas Comeau, CET '88, CEC '90
Executive Vice President and CEO, Commodore Builders

Michael Corbett
Past Senior Vice President and CFO, PC Construction

Sharon Jozokos, AET '92, CMC '93, LEED AP
Director of Healthcare Services, Columbia Construction Company

David W. Kruger, DET ’04 (Hon.)
Past Group Executive, Bank of Boston

Dan Lanneville, BCS '95, CMC '97
Director of Special Projects, Skanska USA Building, Inc.

W. Boyd Leslie, IEC '58
Past Vice President of Sales, MicroTek Incorporated

Casey Nickerson, MDE '72, MA '74 
Past President, Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing Incorporated

Keith Peden, DET ’09 (Hon.)
Past Senior Leader, Raytheon

Kenneth Roberts, P'86 (Parent)
Past Vice President and CFO, Foster-Miller, Inc. 

Richard Sheridan, S&DE '55, P'77 (Parent)
Past President and Owner, Gateway Equipment Corporation

University Advisers at Large

Jeffrey Altschuler, MDS '83, MT '84, P'14 (Parent)
Executive Vice President, Varitron-Altronics Manufacturing, Inc.   

George Chamillard, IE '58, DET '97 (Hon.) 
Past President and CEO, Teradyne, Inc.                                                          

Edward O’Leary, AC '48, DET ’06 (Hon.)              
General Partner, Development Associates