Web Accessibility Policy

I. Effective Date 

June 5, 2018

II. Application

This Policy defines an overriding, campus-wide commitment to providing an accessible wit.edu website. It supports a Wentworth-wide effort to have an accessible campus, in relation to digital resources.

This Policy is applicable to the homepage since it is the central “go to” website to learn about Wentworth.

III. Policy Statement

Wentworth strives for an inclusive, diverse environment. This includes having the wit.edu website be accessible to website visitors to find, understand and use the content there. Web pages within wit.edu, subject to the exceptions enumerated in this Policy, are to be made accessible to the fullest extent possible, including users with common sensory, motor, and cognitive disabilities.

This Policy spells out goals and methods for achieving the objective for equal access for all on wit.edu.

IV. Reason for the Policy

Wentworth acknowledges that its central website. can have improvements for accessibility. Wentworth is continually evaluating the website. Wentworth has engaged a third-party accessibility consultant to provide training to our content creators across the Institute to better enable them to add and edit content that will be in compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Wentworth recognizes that the future will bring trends toward more accessible web design to better serve website visitors with and without disabilities. These factors, coupled with the Institute’s overall commitment to a diverse and inclusive educational and work environment that anticipates a changing technological and regulatory environment, merit a comprehensive Policy on web accessibility for wit.edu.

Wentworth’s goal is to have website visitors able to navigate through, search and find relevant content.

V. Definitions

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act, Amendments of 2008 and law since 1990, addresses the needs of people with disabilities, prohibiting discrimination in employment, public services, public accommodations and telecommunications. https://www.ada.gov/ada_intro.htm

Legacy Web pages – Webpages that have already been created on, or adjacent to, wit.edu before the effective date of this Policy.

Person with a Disability – An individual who has one or more physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities, has a record of impairment or is regarded as having an impairment.

Sometimes the term Individual with Disabilities (IWD) is used.

Section 508Rehabilitation Act of 1973 sets expectations for standards to be met by Federal agencies when creating and purchasing Information and Communication Technology. Wentworth strives to follow those standards.

WCAG 2.0 Level A & AA – These are technical standards for web content developed by the W3C working group.   

VI. Responsible Office

Primary:       Web & Digital Communications

VII. Responsible Officer

  • Vice President of Institutional Advancement
  • Director, Web & Digital Communications

IX. Recommended Review Frequency

Annually, unless there are compelling reasons to do so more frequently by the Web & Digital Communication Steering Committee.

X. Responsibilities of Employees and Consultants Creating & Editing Websites

This Policy applies to all staff (including student employees), faculty, and consultants who contribute to and edit the homepage website. Content added and edits made to wit.edu legacy web pages will be monitored by the Web & Digital Communications staff. Third-party vendors who create content or edit for wit.edu are required to make content accessible. Members of the Accessibility Advocacy Committee and additional staff, as needed, will supplement monitoring of the website and answering questions or issues that may arise.

All web developers of wit.edu will be expected to produce code that is in compliance with the WCAG Level 2.0 A & AA guidelines. All sub-sites that are linked to wit.edu are subject to accessibility audit, review, and remediation, and when necessary, deletion. Issues with the accessibility of wit.edu will be prioritized and updated by Web & Digital Communications.