Children on Campus Policy

It is the policy of Wentworth not to allow minor children of students, employees, or visitors in campus classrooms, work areas, hallways, libraries, lounges, and areas adjacent to classrooms, laboratories, or offices. Children are not permitted in laboratories, workshops, or storerooms except for those occasions when public programs are being presented and children are supervised in those spaces. Other areas may also pose safety risks for children, and access to those areas shall be similarly restricted. This policy does not prohibit children from the campus when the purpose of their visit is to attend classes or to participate in activities specifically scheduled for their benefit (e.g., summer sports, activity camps or other similar Wentworth-sponsored family activities).


  1. Children visiting campus for any reason must be under direct supervision at all times.
  2. Children shall not be brought to campus as a replacement for childcare services. If a situation arises that requires faculty, staff, or student employees to obtain alternate childcare, Wentworth will make a reasonable effort to provide the employee with a reasonable amount of time away without pay for arranging alternate childcare..
  3. Violations of the policy are subject to appropriate discipline.