Furniture / Office Moves

Furniture Requests

ALL furniture requests must go through both the Planning and Construction department as well as the Purchasing department.

We have established a set of standards for all items on campus, so please contact a team member to begin addressing your furniture needs.

ALL furniture requests for medical reasons must go through Human Resources prior to contacting Planning and Construction as well as the Purchasing department.

Office Moves

All office moves MUST go through the proper approval and funding steps before any moves are made. Please contact a team member at your earliest convenience to begin planning.

In the event of large-scale office moves, please allow ample time for all the required departments to formulate a relocation project schedule.


Wentworth is undergoing a Comprehensive Master Planning Process that will help guide the Institute through the upcoming years. The Master Plan is working to reinforce the Strategic Plan that was created over the course of the past 3 years.