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Wentworth's Key Authorization Policy

1. General

The security of the Institute’s buildings and rooms is essential for the protection and security of individuals and the Institute’s assets. To ensure the campus security, the Physical Plant Department is responsible for issuing keys and installing and maintaining locks for the Institute’s facilities and equipment.

All keys issued remain the property of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Keys for Institute facilities cannot be produced, duplicated or obtained from any other source other than from the Physical Plant Department. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, the term “locks” includes electronic key card access. Unauthorized possession, use or reproduction of an Institute key may constitute theft or misappropriation of Institute property. In such cases, the individual(s) involved in the violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

2. Assignment of Keys

The Physical Plant Department will issue keys to authorized faculty and staff. Student employees will not be issued any keys. Student Employees who need to get into certain areas to work can sign-out keys at the Public Safety Department and will be given access only to the area they are working in. Employees will not be issued more than one (1) key with the same number and will only be issued keys for the area(s) they are authorized to enter.

The Director of Physical Plant may authorize keys to be issued to non-Institute employees who work for an organization affiliated with the Institute, including venders, contractors and consultants doing business with the Institute. Non-employees issued keys are subject to the same requirements as employees and must return all keys assigned to them to the Physical Plant Department.

2.1 Department Authorization

The President, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Dean, Directors and Department Heads are responsible for determining which employees are issued keys. This authorization may not be delegated to a subordinate. These administrators must use good judgment when determining who needs keys and to what locations they need access. Keys should only be issued to individuals who have a legitimate need for the key. Building access key will only be issued to individuals who need access to buildings outside of the regular business hours and only at the request of Public Safety.

Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Dean, Directors and Department Heads may authorize keys only for their department and are responsible for informing employees of their responsibilities as stated in this policy.

2.2 Key Distribution

To obtain a key, an authorized administrator must submit a “Work Order” specifying the person needing the key and what locations they will need access. Master, sub master and building access keys will also need the approval of the Director of Public Safety. Keys cannot be authorized over the phone. Employees will sign a key distribution form and must show photo identification when picking up a key. Normal turn around for key distribution is 1 to 3 days.

2.3 Individual Assigned Key(s) and Key Access Card

Employees may use Institute provided keys and key access cards for access to their assigned work areas and should shut and lock the door when leaving that area. Employees must ensure that keys and key codes are safeguarded and properly used. Under no circumstances should an employee lend or exchange their assigned key(s) or key code.

2.4 Residence Hall Keys

Keys to residence halls are subject to applicable sections of this policy and the administrative policies and procedures of Institute’s Housing Department. Keys and locks to the residence hall facilities and service areas are maintained by the Physical Plant Department. Resident student keys are distributed through the Housing office. Electronic card access programming in the residence halls are handled through the Housing Department. Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to the Housing office. The individual assigned the key(s) will be charged for rekeying if:

  • the person cannot locate the lost key(s) after a reasonable time, (three days), or
  • the key(s) are not turned in when checking-out or changing residence.

3. Key Return

Employees and long term contractors must return keys to the Physical Plant Department when:

  • the keys are no longer needed;
  • the employee is reassigned;
  • the work status of the employee has changed;
  • a manager request the keys be returned, or
  • the keys are no longer usable due to re-keying and/or remodeling.

New or replacement keys will not be issued until unused keys are returned.

When there is a disciplinary problem and the manager has reason to believe that the employee will not return, the manager must request that the employee surrender the assigned key(s) to the manager. The manager must return the employee’s assigned key(s) to the Physical Plant Department within one (1) working day.

Employees on extended leave such as sabbatical are encouraged to turn keys into the Physical Plant Department and have the keys reissued upon return.

3.1 Separation of Employment

When an employee leaves the Institute, the employee will return their key(s) to the Human Resource Department prior to their departure. The key numbers will be checked against the signed copy of the key sign-out slip in the employee’s personal file. The Human Resource Department will then return the key(s) to the Physical Plant Department within one (1) working day.

3.2 Resident Students

Resident Students must return all assigned keys to the Housing office at the end of each spring semester and upon withdrawal, transfer or graduation. Resident Students who do not return keys will not be allowed to live in housing in subsequent semesters.

4. Institute Facility Security

4.1 Lost or Stolen Keys

Anyone finding a key must turn it into the Public Safety Department. Employees must report lost or stolen keys to their appropriate supervisor and a report must be filed with the Institute’s Public Safety Department. For an employee to obtain a replacement key(s), the employee must bring a copy of the campus police report to the Physical Plant Department along with a work order requesting replacement key(s) from their manager.

4.2 Re-keying

When a key is lost or stolen, personal and property security may be compromised. The decision to re-key an area will be made by the Director’s of Physical Plant and Public Safety.

Contractors who loose keys that result in re-keying will be held responsible for the entire cost of rekeying for all affected areas. Contractors shall provide Wentworth with proof of insurance with at least $500,000 key replacement coverage.

4.3 Installation of Locks

The Physical Plant Department must approve the installation of all locks on/in Institute buildings. Private locks may not be used on Institute buildings. Private locks may only be used on personal lockers.

5. Electronic Key Card Security System

Department heads and Directors may decide to install an electronic key card access system due to security issues in specialized facilities such as labs and mediated classrooms. The purchase and installation of such systems must be approved and coordinated with the Physical Plant Department and the Department of Public Safety. The Physical Plant Department and Public Safety will ensure compliance with safety and security requirements including the provisions of this policy. The project will be priced and given to the department head for funding before equipment is ordered and installed.

6. Emergencies

In case of an emergency, employees can gain access to a building and/or office area by contacting the Public Safety Department. Physical Plant employees will not open locked doors.

7. Exceptions

Any exception to this policy must be approved in writing by the Vice President for Business & Finance. The requesting administrator must include the department procedures designed to ensure security. The requester must then take the written approval to the Physical Plant Department along with a work order for work to proceed.