Electric Carts

Have you seen these carts around Campus?

Over the past few years, the Physical Plant has taken a major step to reduce our carbon footprint, while providing service support to the Wentworth facilities. In 2010, we purchased 3 all-electric carts, with the hope to reduce the gas and diesel fuel consumption from our normal vehicle usage. The carts have worked out so well that we have now just added 3 more electric carts to our fleet.

Our staff members have found that these carts provide easy access to work sites, are adequate for almost any task, and eliminate the time stuck in traffic on the roadways. We hope you will take notice of how quiet these carts are when in use, along with our ability to be less of an obstruction when working on the walkways around Campus. But most of all, we hope you see that we are doing our part to help conserve our natural resources and protect the environment.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please feel free to email us at physicalplant@wit.edu