Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I talk to from Facilities?

We ask that you report any urgent or hazardous issues immediately to our Service Line at 617-989-4555, or after hours, please contact Public Safety at 617-989-4400. Examples of issues that we ask that you report immediately would be:

  • Life/ safety issues
  • Vandalism
  • Electrical hazards
  • Running water / flooding
  • Scent of Gas (appliances)
  • Exterior lighting outages
  • Broken locks and doors
  • Trip/ fall hazards (spills, ice, etc)
  • Extreme heat or cooling conditions

We appreciate your help in reporting issues found while you are out and about on the Wentworth campus. It has always been acknowledged that our customers are our best "eyes & ears" to what is happening in our facilities.


I am having a non-urgent issue with lighting/plumbing/heating & cooling/furniture – who to contact?

Students may contact their RA or RD at Residence Life ( or 617-989-4160).

There is a form on the housing website to enter a work order:

Or if the matter is an emergency, call or email Facilities (617-989-4555).


Faculty and Staff can email to be set up with an account to enter work orders.


Where do I reserve a conference room or see events on campus?

You may view events on campus at the Event Manager page. To submit a request to reserve a conference room, auditorium, or common area, please contact to be set up with an account in Event Manager.

If you want to reserve a classroom, please contact Business Services


Where do I find out the status of a package?

Visit our Shipping website and view our FAQs for Shipping and Receiving.


Where do I find more info on WIT’s COVID-19 response?

The COVID-19 Info Center:


Where can I get floor plans and Campus Maps?

Students and Faculty can find plans and maps of the Wentworth Facilities on the Planning & Construction website.