Women at Wentworth Event Celebrates Coeducation, Passion

March 19, 2018

A group of students stand together in Watson Hall

Wentworth students stand together at the 2018 Women at Wentworth event

The 2018 Women at Wentworth event, held on March 17, offered two distinct perspectives on the female experience, showcasing student speaker Cassidy Duquet, BFPM ’18, and CyPhy Works founder Helen Greiner, who was named Woman of the Year. Both shared their experiences of studying and working in STEM fields, and talked about how their passion has helped make them successful in male-dominated areas.

“I walk into my classes with so much pride and strength to be one of the only females,” said Duquet, who was honored as the first recipient of the Women at Wentworth Endowed Scholarship Fund. “I have been able to find my voice.”

Along with her work at CyPhy Works and iRobot, which she co-founded, Greiner is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, where she was recognized for leadership in the design, development, and application of practical robots. She was named “Innovator for the Next Century” by the Review Magazine and she was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.

 “One thing that led me to my dream career is that [my work] has always been my passion, not just my job,” said Greiner.

The event also honored 25 female-identified club and organization presidents.

Carrie Reynolds, special events coordinator of alumni and constituent relations, honored students who are a part of the Women’s Council, an initiative on campus that builds upon existing programs for young women at the Institute to network with one another. Meetings began this spring, highlighting the leadership capabilities of female students.

Greiner emphasized the importance of pursuing one’s passion, and taking advantage of all opportunities, regardless of doubts and fear. Need another quote here to illustrate this.

 “I’m here to support all the women at Wentworth,” says Andrea Welsh, BSA ’18, who attended the event. “I also want to meet with alumni who have paved the road for us at Wentworth in a mostly male dominated field.”

Find photos from the event below, or at this link.

--Sumya Mohiuddin

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