WIRE Named Best in Boston

July 11, 2016

WIRE Named Best in Boston

WIRE Named Best in Boston

WIRE continued its winning ways in June when it was named best college radio station of 2016 by Boston A-List.

The recognition from Boston A-List, a site ranking more 5,000 organizations and groups in the Boston area, comes on the heels of another successful WIRE appearance at the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) awards ceremony, and at a time when WIRE continues to grow its audience, including in international markets.

Wentworth spoke with station director David Kreider, BSBM ’17, about WIRE’s string of successes and his advice to those looking to get into college radio.

How did it feel when your station was named the best in Boston?

We were thrilled! Even though we all know Boston as a large college town, we were surprised to see just how many of these radio stations exist. Our station gets along especially well with the radio programs run by Simmons and Emerson students. They run extraordinary programs, so there's always a sense of friendly competition to try and stay one step ahead of the game.

Talk a little about the IBS awards.

The IBS conference is an assemblage of 1,000-plus college radio stations across the country. We join a variety of panels and sessions devoted to information that helps build our stations. Every year, we bring back invaluable information from these panels, which are usually hosted by radio professionals or IBS affiliates. This year, however, we requested permission to go on different terms and present our own session at the conference. We hosted a presentation at the conference about our journey through internet radio.

WIRE first participated in the IBS sessions in 2014, and we ended up winning “Best Website” and “Best Internet/Streaming Station in the nation.” [This year] we were finalists for “Best Internet/Streaming Station in the Nation” and “Best Specialty Show” (for swing music program the WIT Pack, hosted by Maddie Duggan, BCOT ’18), and “Best On-Air Personality” (for a classic rock program, hosted by Mark Solander, BSCN ’17, called Route 9 Rock). I’m very proud of our team for bringing back these trophies, as only 5 stations/members are chosen for these awards across the country.

What is your biggest goal for the station right now?

To not only take back out “Best Internet/Streaming Station in the Nation” trophy from San Diego’s KCR Radio, but to win the “Best Overall Station” award (also held by KCR). In preparation, we have totally redesigned our website, keeping focus on coverage around and off campus, on our unique radio programs, and allowing for simplified music and event requests.

And there’s a new blog?

We’ve created a new blog that allows us to keep the site consistently updated with the latest news in music, radio, sports, and the Wentworth community. WIRE has many plans for bringing back the station to its full potential, including on-air interviews and concerts, and look forward to bringing home some more awards at IBS 2017. This A-List award has allowed us to take another step towards that goal and really lit a fire in all of our spirits.

How can students get involved with WIRE?

It doesn’t matter if you have little to no experience with radio. WIRE wants you. We have a huge number of teams and positions in the station that do everything from designing posters and directing films to producing music and drafting budgets

Students who come to us with an idea for a show can start hosting one in the station in just a week. We offer a space in our studio to anyone with a passion for music, talk, production, or anyone looking for an inclusive team environment at the school. Our microphone is your microphone.

—Greg Abazorius

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