Wentworth Community Poses for ‘University’ Status

October 2, 2017

Faculty and staff pose in the shape of a "U" in Tansey Gymnasium

Faculty and staff pose in the shape of a "U" in Tansey Gymnasium (Photo by Joshua Touster)

Wentworth President Zorica Pantić, front, center, joined students and staff and faculty members Sept. 22 for a photo opportunity to celebrate the Institute’s new status in Massachusetts as a full-fledged, official university—113 years after the school was founded.

The state Department of Higher Education approved the new status in July, after Wentworth established graduate programs in four distinct professional fields of study and demonstrated that the Institute has the faculty, facilities, and resources necessary to support sound graduate programs.

Over the past eight years, Wentworth has developed graduate programs in design, management, engineering, and science.

The departments of Human Resources and Institutional Advancement planned the university status celebration (with commemorative T-shirts) to fall during the annual Welcome Back barbecue for staff and faculty members. Students marked the milestone for Wentworth with a celebratory cake and decorations in the cafeteria in Beatty Hall.

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