Volleyball Team Credits Family Environment for Success

March 6, 2017

The 2016-17 men's volleyball team

The 2016-17 men's volleyball team

The men’s volleyball team followed up last season’s historic Great Northeast Athletic Conference Championship by starting this season ranked ninth in the country, the best-ever ranking for the team. Head Coach Evin Giglio says that maintaining success is the name of the game.

“Our conference has always been pretty tough, so our success was never a straight shot,” said Giglio. “We all know that we have to keep our momentum up if we want to keep on top.”

With the team currently sitting at seventh in the nation with a 12-5 record, it seems that the hard work is paying off.

“These guys know that it takes a lot to maintain the standard we set last season, and they are working as hard as I could hope to stay on top,” said Giglio. “We’ve been having a great season so far, so hopefully we can keep it up and continue to top ourselves.”

Much of that success starts when Giglio recruits players at the high school level, where he determines whether or not a player would be a good fit for the team, and Wentworth.

“The first and most important thing is that they are the type of student that will thrive at Wentworth,” said Giglio. “If they don’t seem like they will be able to keep up with the rigorous workload here, I don’t want to put them in a position where they can’t succeed.”

Once Giglio finds students that fit, he quickly integrates them into a welcoming team of hard-working players.

“I had an overnight visit with the volleyball team and knew immediately that I would be coming here,” said Jacob Reed, BME ’17. “The team was so welcoming, and we have become extremely close over the years.”

Reed, who recently became one of only three Wentworth students to eclipse the 1,000-kill mark, stressed the importance of personal relationships with his teammates.

“Having the team around is really helpful, especially at the start when you don’t really know anyone,” he said. “We work together academically just as much as we do on the court.”

Michael Hansen, BCM ’17, agreed that chemistry is the most pivotal part of the team’s success over the past year.

“Volleyball is a team-centric game, so it only works if everybody is putting in their best and working together,” said Hansen. “It’s the first thing we stress to freshmen when they join the team—making the team feel like a family that works hard together.”

-AJ Martin

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