Tough Competition

November 18, 2015

a competition among 11 student teams vying to advance their entrepreneurial visions.

a competition among 11 student teams vying to advance their entrepreneurial visions.

Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center, will hold its largest pitch round on November 19—a competition among 11 student teams vying to advance their entrepreneurial visions.

Ideas hoping for gap funding range from a phone-to-home grocery shopping tool, to a revolutionary guardrail system, to a ski and snowboard-mounted light for safer night riding.

Contestants are:

  • Backdrop: An app and website being developed by Appdrop. It provides creative images for use as desktop backgrounds by members of the Wentworth community, including students, staff, alumni and parents. Cyrus Ndolo, BIND ’19; Sean Kazazes, BSCN ’19; and Zach Estrella, BCOS ’19.
  • closeFriends: Matches you with people in your area and allows you to immediately video chat with them. Tristen Cary, BSM ’16, and Andres Amorelli, BCOS ’16.
  • MD&GH Contact Casing: A simple, newly improved contact case that allows the user to easily locate contacts. Mike Dibernardo, BCM ’19; and Greg Hurley, BBME ’17.
  • Peekseeq: A revolutionary online music sample store for musicians, with a built-in audio sequencer/drum machine. Alex Stokes, BCOS ’16 and Matt Eisenberg, BSCN’17.
  • Brian Pu Ruiz Co.: Affordable, stylish fashion accessories inspired by Guatemalan culture.Brian Pu Ruiz, BSFM ’18; Bailey Avila, BSME ’18; BethanyFrohofer, BBME ’17; and Suzanna Andersons, BSME ’17.
  • Steele Design, E-Farm: Easily constructed modular units, which float on fresh bodies of water and provide water to grow seedlings. Devin Steele, BSA ’16, and Harsh Patel, BSEE’16.
  • ShopShare: Simplify your grocery shopping experience from your phone to your home. Mike Kavalchuk (BSM’17), Matt Martin (BSME’17), Mallory Harper (BCOS’17).
  • EDA: A wearable device for neurological and psychological disorders. Zach Snyder, BBME ’16); E’rik Shaw, BELM ’16; Xiaxin Mei, BBME ’16; and Robert Martin, BBME ’16.
  • SkiBright SkiLight: Ski and snowboard mounted light for safer night riding. Kendra Norbaka, BSME ’18; Ryan McGonagle, BSEN ’18; Katherine Asciutto, BSCE ’17; and Myles Harris, BSME ’17.
  • Swing Spring Guardrail: A revolutionary guardrail system that is safer and more durable. Adam Shapiro, BSME ’18, and Kevin Fletcher, MARC ’18.
  • ESI (previously funded): A catheter port that is a simple solution designed to increase the stabilization, comfort and ease in the patient’s daily life. Chris Auld, BBME ’16; Kevin Babineau, BBME ’16; Nick Poplar, BBME ’16; Jorge Reyes, BBME ’16; and Ben Waltuch, BELM ’16.

Judges for the pitch round are: Rick Hutton, sales and business development consultant; Adam Palmer, BELM ’09, project manager at J.M. Electrical Co; Keith Peden, senior vice president, Raytheon; and Simon Towers, cofounder of TechHub Boston.

The Pitch Round will be held in the Accelerate space in Willson Hall at Wentworth from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Accelerate was launched at Wentworth in 2012, with a mission to utilize the Institute’s considerable strength in applied sciences and advance product creation and social impact. More than 3,000 individuals have participated in Accelerate's programs. Some 650 students from every academic discipline at Wentworth—working as interdisciplinary teams—have submitted more than 300 start-up ideas, and 38 teams have received funding.

UPDATE: PitchRound results can be found in this BostInno article.

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