Tools and Tech: Students Engaged To Learn More

October 28, 2016

On Thursday night, Lynne Riquelme, Head of Customer Success at Shoobx, Inc. presented to a room full of Wentworth students, faculty and Accelerate teams. In addition, Accelerate’s own Adam Zapotok (Co-Founder, BARS) simultaneously doodled the event for a visual representation. The session was engaging and informative and showcased the different phases all startups go through, and the tools and tech that are available along the way.

To kick off the event, Riquelme highlighted something Accelerate Startup Challenge teams have been focusing on all semester long, what is the problem you are trying to solve and who is your target audience? She spoke to the importance of having a strong and diverse team to help create a variety of different viewpoints on how the product can work and how the company should look moving forward. She spoke to students about places where they can find industry experts who may be looking for project based work and can help these young startups define a brand. Boston is filled with co-working spaces and oftentimes just a simple conversation can go a long way to finding a reliable resource for a young startup.

From there Riquelme dove into specifics on how these students can launch their ideas into full-fledged, incorporated companies. She gave a brief walk through of the Shoobx platform to explain the different avenues teams can go down. Students were curious about how the Shoobx platform can save them money and about the features and services it provides. Riquelme was quick to engage and answer their questions and provide valuable insight and specific case studies to show how valuable a platform like Shoobx can be.

“You can drive the incorporation platform without a lawyer through Shoobx. You can decide amongst yourselves what your team structure is going to be, who is on it, how equity is divided, what role each person is going to play,” she said. “You can then use Shoobx to go through the incorporation process on your own. With us, you have a lot more opportunity to own processes as an entrepreneur.”

This idea seemed to be particularly enticing to these young teams. The opportunity to avoid those early stage lawyer fees by utilizing an all-in-one platform was something many students weren’t aware existed.

To close the presentation, Riquelme shared tips on how teams can effectively run, accelerate and refine their businesses. Through it all, she stressed the importance of knowing who you are as a company, what you value and what your structure is. She also gave fair warning to anyone in the audience with an idea for a physical product to make sure they have an insurance policy. Often forgotten, this is something that can prove incredibly valuable down the road.

Having Riquelme come to the Accelerate space and present on a tool so many young teams can utilize was incredibly beneficial. Plus she highlighted some other technology options and local startup groups that students can start utilizing today. She got the wheels in their minds turning and even inspired some new students to pursue their ideas with Accelerate.

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