Students Earn Honorable Mention in Architecture Competition

January 25, 2017

William Toohey, Paul Arduini, and Qiang Wang, all Class of 2017

William Toohey, Paul Arduini, and Qiang Wang, all Class of 2017

Three Wentworth architecture students accepted a challenge to design a hypothetical museum on New York’s Liberty Island and captured sixth place out of 268 teams in an international competition.

William Toohey, Paul Arduini, and Qiang Wang, all Class of 2017, took part in the Liberty Museum New York competition, which was open to everyone from students to working architects and designers.

“Qiang and I had worked on a project together the semester before, so I immediately thought of him,” said Toohey. "Then, I figured we would need someone who was really good at rendering, and knew Paul was right for that.”

The three were tasked with creating a design for a museum with a focus on civil rights and social justice issues. The museum design had to be bold and dynamic, and have the ability to create a socially active zone on the island.

Museum“A museum for Liberty Island was an unprecedented kind of idea. There weren’t a lot of things for us to go off in terms of design choice,” said Wang. “We had to keep our proposal to one page, so we had to try and keep our concepts concise.”

Added Toohey, “For architects like us, representing ideas like social justice and oppression in our designs is extremely new. Like Qiang said, we didn’t have much to go on, so we had to work really hard to say what we wanted.”

The team had a lot of support on campus, especially from professors.

“The faculty here makes us feel comfortable about what we choose to pursue, and having their guidance certainly helped us through the competition,” said Toohey. “Professor Carol Burns got really excited about the work we were doing and helped out a lot. It became a kind of architectural think-tank.”

And though the competition was tough at times, the three could not be happier that they chose to participate.

“We’re totally satisfied with what happened, and really want to pursue more competitions in the future,” Toohey said. “Sixth out of 268 is a really great boost of confidence. If we can show that we can compete with the pros, we can be confident that we have what it takes to make it in the real world.”

-A.J. Martin

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