Student-Built App Improves Class Registration Process

May 22, 2017

Student-Built App

Student-Built App

When Jake Harrington, BSCE ’17, and Dominic Laudate, BCOS ’17, saw students struggling with pre-registration for their next semester of classes, they decided to do something about it.

“Last year, we had an opportunity to make an Android app for a class we were taking,” says Laudate. “I had already created an algorithm to help with pre-registration and saw this as an opportunity to help other students who were having trouble.”

“We heard about people taking between one and two hours just to pick their classes before they registered,” Harrington adds. “We thought there must be a way to make that process easier.”

Harrington and Laudate’s app, College Schedule Builder, allows students to search for classes, taking into consideration factors like preferred hours, days, and professors. The app uses that data to create an ideal schedule using available course lists.

“We wanted to take a process that used to take hours and make it take minutes,” says Laudate.

Students often have issues finding classes that fit their schedules, as well as difficulty searching for what they want and organizing it clearly, according to Harrington and Laudate. The duo hopes the app will help streamline the pre-registration process.

“It helps students who might have extremely busy schedules,” says Harrington.

The app currently supports eight colleges and universities: Wentworth, Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences (Boston College), Lesley University, Northeastern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Toledo, the University of Texas at Austin, and George Mason University. Officials from additional institutions have contacted the team to be added to the roster.

“We’d love to get the app available to as many people and schools as possible,” says Harrington.

The team, now funded by Accelerate, Wentworth’s innovation and entrepreneurship center, hopes to continue improving on the current model. The app is currently available on iOS and Android, and will soon be available as a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

—Alex Martin

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