Spring Commencement 2018—Esti Shapiro

April 17, 2018

A picture of student Esti Shapiro

Spring Commencement 2018—Esti Shapiro


Esti Shapiro, Architecture

Esti Shapiro has made a name for herself at Wentworth as an aspiring designer, writer, and activist. 

On campus, she is best known for engaging with the rigorous academic dialogue around contemporary design issues as an editor-in-chief of Wentworth Architecture review, Wentworth's only student-run design publication. Shapiro is also a supporter and active member of the American Institute of Architecture Students, the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students, the Women's Institute for Leadership Development.

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

The friends I have made and the home that I've created in Boston!

How has Wentworth prepared you for post-graduate life?

Wentworth has prepared me for post-grad life because now I am always looking forward, and visualizing and strategizing my next steps.
What are you planning to do after commencement?

The plan at the moment is one more year for a master’s degree in architecture here at Wentworth.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you’ve greatly admired or looked up to?

I admire many people at Wentworth. In Student Affairs, Dean [of Students Annamaria] Wenner, [Peter] Fowler [associate vice president, Student Affairs], and Carissa Durfee [director, Center for Student Engagement] have all been extraordinarily supportive and kind. 

On the faculty side, I have learned a great deal from Professors Anne-Catrin Schultz, John Ellis, Beth-Anne Cooke Cornell, Elaine Slater, and Lois Ascher. I also deeply admire all of the Wentworth Architecture review editors, past and present, whom I've had the great pleasure to work with, as well as my dear friends Jeff Dike, Chriss Roidt, and Tyler Nguyen. Each of these individuals have inspired and challenged me over the past four years.

What advice would you offer to students entering Wentworth?

Wentworth is, above all else, what you make of it! Your experience here is directly dependent on what you put into the place, so find something that excites you and commit wholeheartedly! The more invested you are, the more doors that will open and connections that you will make. For me, these experiences have become opportunities I never could have imagined when I got here. 

--Sumya Mohiuddin

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