Social Innovation Lab: Week 9

July 19, 2016

We began this week by finalizing our kit. We made three types of boards, and have narrowed the kit down to having a circuit board aspect to show a more technical side of manufacturing. We have drafted 5 unblockme games ranging from easy to hard and written an easy set of directions for game players to follow. The boards are made out of wood, foam, and cork board. The blocks have been 3-D printed, and the circuit components have been ordered, and will consist of LEDs, resistors, and a battery.
We have broken down the sections to the report and delegated each team member there fair share of work. There has also been deadlines set by the team for the next couple of weeks. I have begun writing the report and there is already a lot of information to add before we get into the graphs/tables/pictures aspect. 
We have decided to have two meetings at the conclusion of our co-op. One will be with Helena and Katie, and the second will be with the big wigs of manufacturing in Mass. The meeting with Helena and Katie will be a cakewalk, but the big wig presentation will be by far the biggest meeting I have had to date. Should be fun! -Daniel Rittenhouse

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