Social Innovation Lab: Week 8

July 19, 2016

Week #8 was a short week due to the 4th of July break. During this week we thoroughly discussed or kit and what exactly it will target. After doing a few brainstorm sessions on aspects of the game we have landed on Maarouf’s Unblockme type game. We are going to have an Unblockme game that will be set up by the players using a blueprint, solved, and then when the Unblockme block is free from the game it will be opened. Contained inside of the block will be parts to an assembly, a circuit, or small items that can be brought home.

As for the presentation it is currently on hold. We are planning to get as much done on the kit as possible so that we can get it into the field to receive feedback. The final report will also be assessed next week when we have feedback on our game and we will start to delegate sections to be written.

We have another meeting with Helena in two Mondays so all of our energy will be going toward showing her that we have a solid hold on the material and are more than half way to completion. -Daniel Rittenhouse

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