Social Innovation Lab: Week 7

July 18, 2016

In concluding this week the manufacturing group has hit the midpoint of the summer co-op. Today we presented three prototype kits and an overview of our presentation to Helena. She was very pleased with our direction and is excited to see what we will bring throughout the rest of the co-op.

Our three prototype kits are an unblockme type game, Maarouf, an educational peg board game, Meg, and a manufacturing of a windmill game, myself. After presenting our products and talking with Helena we are gearing toward the unblockme game, mainly due to the time constraint of three minutes to complete in the field.

In the next couple weeks we plan to put some depth into our presentation and get an idea of what direction our prototype will be going in. –Daniel Rittenhouse

The seventh week of Social Innovation Lab has been exciting because we have finished our prototypes which have come out amazing. They’re four prototypes that all bring something different to the table, allowing the Boston Children’s Museum to have options on the path of the design. This week we had a critique with Simon Williamson on the final design and a talk about our strategy to realize the cart. We have set up a packaged report of the our brainstorms and descriptions of the prototypes to email to the Boston Children’s Museum. Our next step is to get a response from the Boston Children’s Museum on our prototypes and to use that information to create a new cart that will lead to the final version. -Nemanja Predojevic

Week 7 really helped us kick it into gear. The BCM group met with one of the directors, Cora, from the Boston Children’s Museum, she reviewed the mock-ups, and she gave us feedback regarding each aspect she liked. This feedback included pros, cons, and questions that came from each that helped us eventually decide what will go into the next prototype that will be tested out on Friday of week 8 at Northeastern. I’m excited to gain opinions on Friday from outside users to further our design! -Rachel Bonia

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