Social Innovation Lab: Week 6

July 18, 2016

After week 6 the manufacturing group has made great strides toward a finished project. We have put our research/presentation aspect on hold for this week and next. Our main concentration right now is to develop a kit or game that will help in the recruitment process. The kit/game will introduce people into the world of manufacturing but also incorporate key ideas that are a necessity in the manufacturing environment. This kit/game will also connect the recruiters and business owners to the millennials through the ideology. After using the kit/game we are hoping recruits will be interested in manufacturing and also understand what the industry is about. Next week we plan to prototype our idea and get it out in the field for feedback.  -Daniel Rittenhouse

We got to making a prototype after brainstorming ideas. At first I tried a free for all prompt idea which didn’t work because only one person tried it in a matter of 3 hours. I then got some advice to make the prototype have an incentive goal, so I made a game where you’d have to make a path on a nail board to get a ball into a cup. –Meg Ortega

This week has given me a strong sense of security and comfort in where we are as a group right now. As I assess what we’re doing at this point in comparison to how much time we have left here, I feel as though we are in a good place and are making good headway. The team just got some fresh cardboard and we’re working on polishing up our ideas and making beautiful looking mock-ups to present to an industrial design class to get their opinions and critiques. We hope to also show these mock-ups to Anna from the BCM to get her opinions and maybe we can pin-point what she likes and mesh them together for a perfect cart! –Rachel Bonia

The progression of our project has been consistent and been following the steps of Design Thinking. We are currently on the mock-up stage and have been brainstorming through sketch our thoughts and ideas. Each individual person has been bringing their thoughts into a visual representation of the idea with cardboard. Simon Williamson from Industrial Design has critiqued our work and has challenged our functionality and design of the concepts. We are refining our concepts to be articulate of our ideas and to be presentable. The final concepts will be critiqued by Anna Juster from the Boston Children’s Museum this upcoming Thursday, which will lead us into our prototype stage.  -Nemanja Predojevic

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