Social Innovation Lab Week 5

July 13, 2016

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This week the BCM group made a lot of headway! We had a meeting with Anna and Cora from the Boston Children’s Museum to clarify what our deliverable was expected to be, and we went over what they wished for us to do. This meeting was on Tuesday, so on Wednesday and Thursday we made a great amount of progress. Wednesday we did a bit of research and organized our thoughts, Thursday we made a few mock-ups, and today, Friday, we spoke with an Industrial Design professor about our ideas. He gave us some good feedback and advice about what direction we should head in the next few days. –Rachel Bonia

Week five of Social Innovation Lab was the turning point for the Boston Children’s Museum project. On monday there was great confusion and uncertainty about what the project entails and is. The meeting with Anna Juster from B.C.M. allowed us to confirm the project and have a direct course. The project is to create a mobile, adaptable, sustainable “cart” that has the supplies to recreate the self-directed play experience. We have identified our users as the Boston Children’s Museum faculty as the primary user for the cart. Children are the primary users for the material that the cart will hold. Parents are the users we will work on once we have a set prototype of the cart, so we have a basis to work on. The user of parents does not have a connection to the cart, but connection to the children, allowing the exposure of self-directed play. We need to successfully inform and inspire parents about self directed play, so they understand the benefits and how to recreate the self directed play experience at home. We are currently brainstorming ideas for the cart and are on the mock-up stage of the process. Our goal is to have five solid physical mockups by next Wednesday, so that Simon Williamson and his class can give us input. Week five has been the most successful week thus far as we feel confident in the project direction. –Nemanja “Nemo” Predojevic

Week five has been a very productive workweek.  We met with Anna at the Children’s Museum to redefine and narrow down our goals for the scope of this project.  After a very informative meeting, we felt invigorated to look at all the research we had done up to this point with new eyes and really get cranking as far as brainstorming and prototyping goes.  We’re still working on our designs but using what we learned from Anna, we’ve used the rest of the week to direct our energies and various skills into a polished design that we will prototype and test. –Angel Valdez

This week we met up with Fab Labs to see what they were doing and how they were set up. The atmosphere of the Fab Lab was welcoming and communal, which was refreshing. We were at first thinking of making a training program for young kids. However, when we talked to Helena, she said she wanted a PowerPoint that would teach companies how to attract people into manufacturing. She gave us 5 areas to work on:

  • repositioning manufacturing as a technical career
  • making the training about learning how apply technical skills
  • rewriting job descriptions so that they’re more clear
  • assessing the HR and management so they are up to par with the state’s standard
  • helping people understand the career pathways and redefining the recruitment pathways

 Meg Ortega

           This week has been an eye opening week! We met with major stakeholders of the project and now we have a clearer grasp of our project. During the week we were able to setup meetings with individuals across a diverse variety of industries. Each having expertise within their disciplines. Branding, design and culture are topics that are reoccurring.  Our meeting on Tuesday with FabLabs gave my team and an understanding of the opportunity children have to access the maker world. Fablabs also taught us how each of their lab is unique and conformed to the community in order to attract the most kids. Each week we learn a ton and we use what we learn for ours project. I am excited for next week! –Maarouf Barry

this point in our project we have an accurate understanding of where we are and where we are going. We have concluded our vast research phase and are narrowing down who we will meet with from now on depending on our needs. Our direction is going to be to target youth with emphasis on their prospective pathways and hoped for benefits. Next week will be a breakdown of the 5 key concept we are going to tackle, what information we have, and what information we need as well as a rough outline of our path, and product. –Daniel Rittenhouse

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