Social Innovation Lab: Week 2

June 3, 2016

Social Innovation Lab: Week 2

Social Innovation Lab: Week 2

During week two we met with many people and organizations. In relation to the self-directed play project we met with Pop-up Adventure Play, Fablab’s for America, and the Children’s Museum. With respect to the manufacturing project we met with Bob Lepage, a man of many hats, Michael Pasciuto, a manufacturing business and training center owner, and MassChallenge, a company directed to help start-ups. After talking with all of our connections last week we have seen many different views of the manufacturing industry as well as children and the lack of play. There are many similarities across the two projects, and I think there is a need to view the manufacturing sector as a place without play in much the same way as grade school. Week two was mainly a gathering of information, and not much along the lines of directing the project. We will need to narrow in on what exactly we are going to target and start collaborating all of the information and opinions we have gathered. –Daniel Rittenhouse

Week two of Social Innovation Lab was an insane amount of information collection for the two projects. Networking with The possible project, Pop-Up Adventure Play, Bob Lepage, Michael Pasciuto, MassChallenge, FABLAB and Boston’s Children’s Museum was an incredible experience into seeing Boston’s innovation infrastructure explode. All the programs, companies, and organizations are ready to join Accelerate to solve the problems of tomorrow. The Boston’s Children Museum project will have a total different product then the State, Manufacturing project, but will affect the manufacturing industry in the long run. Children are exposed to new curriculums and teaching theories everyday that will inspire them and push them towards an open minded, creative future. We will be working along with the people we have met and talked with in week two throughout the whole project as they have valuable information as well as passion for our projects. –Nemanja “Nemo” Predojavic

Week 2 was filled with different site visits and meeting with new and interesting people.  We visited the Boston Children’s Museum where we studied how children interact with the exhibits and each other as well as playing with the exhibits a little bit on our own.  We also went to MADE at Masschallenge which is a great networking connection to have and a phenomenal resource to use in the future, while there we met with Donalyn who works with FABlabs which is another great resource to have in the future.  Overall it’s been a very engaging first two weeks and im excited and hopeful for the ones to come. –Angel Valdez

Week 2 was filled with field trips. We gained a lot of knowledge in the manufacturing area of the lab, and got to take a trip to the Boston Children’s Museum, and I cried. I saw an old toy that I haven’t seen in years from preschool that I used to play on with my best friend every single day for two years! I was psyched to have been able to meet Donalyn from FABLabs of America and to have been able to skype with Morgan from Pop-up Adventure Playgrounds. It was refreshing to speak with someone who is so very dedicated to the subject of self-directed play. –Rachel Bonia

As the engine starts roaring and we pick up pace, the social innovation lab starts unveiling all the resources at its fingertips. From notable partners, networking opportunities, and valuable connections in universities and the manufacturing industry. I am truly enjoy the process. I am looking forward to framing our ideas and starting to look for a viable solution. I am inpatient to find out what the outcome of this project will be and the feeling I will have when finishing knowing that I have tried my best. During the week we got to visit and speak to MASSCHALLENGE, FABLABS, Bob Lapage and Mike Pascuito. We continue to discover the harmony between our two projects, this encourages both teams to keep perpetual communication. –Maarouf Barry

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