Social Innovation Lab: Week 1

May 23, 2016

Social Innovation Lab: Week 1

Social Innovation Lab: Week 1

Our Social Innovation Lab is comprised of 6 students who come together during the summer to work on solving a problem. We asked them to reflect on their first week here:


The first week was full of excitement. From the intensive design thinking crash courses to the networking with new startups at the Google office in Cambridge. I enjoyed working with and learning more about my teammates. The Social Innovation Lab is constantly full of surprises and powered by incredibly talented and dedicated staff and guest speakers. This internship everything that I have imagined and better. I look forward on working on the project for the following 11 weeks.
-Maarouf Barry

The first week of SIL was lit. The cooperation between the institutes is going to be very interesting and a full experience in networking, communication and cross collaboration. The teams have been settled, I will be partaking in the Children’s Museum project. This project has a very complex take on play and the research for the psychological element of it. I am confident that the project will be successful because of the mentoring and advisors that will be supporting us throughout the project.
-Nemanja “Nemo” Predojevic

For these projects, I’m looking forward to working with either the City of Boston or the Children’s Museum. I’m expecting to make both personal and professional connections, while creating something that will benefit society. I want to make a good impact on the education of children or the general public through my designs. -Meg Ortega

My first week working for the SIL program for Accelerate was extremely engaging, rewarding and fun. On my very first day we attended a networking event taking place in the Cambridge department of Google which was very fruitful; we met interesting people, learned of new innovative start-ups and ate some great food. Throughout the week we did team building exercises to build a strong relationship with the people within our group and I can proudly say that it worked: I truly appreciate and admire the people I work with. We’ve personally met with the people that we are creating these projects around and are establishing a very constant and strong dialogue between them. -Angel Valdez

Week one was so much fun, today (Friday) especially. I’m learning more than I ever could have expected and this week has just kicked off all the learning I’m going to do in the future. Finding out my team was exciting too, I would have been glad to have anyone on my team but working with Nemo and Angel will be so great. I’m looking forward to the rest of the coop.
-Rachel Bonia

My first week in the Accelerate SIL Co-op has concluded and it has been an enlightening experience thus far. As a group we have had the chance to meet with Anna from the children’s museum who also helped start pop up adventure playgrounds. She was very interesting and brought a lot of great ideas to our table. We also met with Helena and Katie from the state of Massachusetts manufacturing department. At the end of the day today we were assigned our groups and projects. I am on a team with Meg and Maarouf and our project is to work with the state to improve the manufacturing industry. The specific problem is that the manufacturing sector is decreasing in size due to lack of interest. This will be both a rewarding and challenging experience. -Daniel Rittenhouse

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