Social Innovation Lab at Franklin Park Zoo

June 18, 2014

Social Innovation Lab at Franklin Park Zoo

Social Innovation Lab at Franklin Park Zoo

Students in this summer’s Social Innovation Lab are working with the Franklin Park Zoo. The zoo has posed different opportunities for the students to innovate and improve the zoo experience. The excerpt below from this BostInno article highlights some of the work and opportunities they have found.


“We have a lot of understanding in animal behavior,” said Zoo New England President and CEO John Linehan, “but we fall short in technology and engineering.”

Linehan, who’s “been at the zoo forever,” is looking for a fresh, unfettered perspective, which Wentworth’s students have adequately provided. “They’re taking a broader approach,” he added. “They’re really getting the big picture.”

Monique Fuchs, Wentworth’s associate vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship and co-founder of the school’s Accelerate, Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center, explained the students are focusing on three key areas: animal enrichment, visitor animal engagement and visitor education, paying specific attention to the giant anteater and the Western lowland gorilla.”

You can follow along with the Social Innovation Lab this summer at as well.

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