SIL Reflects on the Summer

August 15, 2016

SIL Reflects on the Summer

SIL Reflects on the Summer

The SIL Reflects on summer 2016!

I think the Accelerate space just became a sort of second home over the summer. The people who work here and spend time here are so welcoming and helpful that it felt like a space I could revisit whenever I want or need. The amplitude of people I met through Accelerate opened my eyes and made me so much more mature. Seeing the way my older teammates interacted with the professionals around us really gave me a sense of importance, and their stature and attitude was a means of learning the ropes of the adult world. I know I’m going to take what I learned here wherever I go. I know that I can use the skills I learned here in future co-ops and jobs as well as in my personal life. I’m glad I got to practice the design process outside of school to deeper dig in the process of problem solving. The problem solving methods I learned here will be implemented elsewhere. – Rachel Bonia


Being a part of Accelerate impacted me greatly because prior to this summer, I had never gotten this involved with the innovation ecosystem that Accelerate and its collaborators are part of and it is truly eye-opening. The number of professionals passionate about trying to help others get to the level that they’ve gotten to in their lives and even surpass them is impressive. Being a part of the SIL initiative and Accelerate helped me further nurture my networking skills and my formal and informal presentations in a workplace.  Particularly, all the networking help that Accelerate offers is incredible, within my first two weeks I had to make a special box in my room for all the business cards that I was receiving from different organizations and active professionals!  While I’ve had a lot of experience with personal networking and public speaking, I can definitely mark my skills before and after this summer with SIL and Accelerate. –Angel Valdez


Social Innovation Lab impacted me most within my communication skills because it was my first experience with a design consulting job. The communication between the team and the Boston Children’s Museum was vital to creating a product that both parties are happy with. Personally I have learned that a timeline with scheduled testing with the partner you are designing for is crucial to consistent development. At the start of the job we met with companies, organizations and people, which created a network of resources that made the job more convenient when questions from sources needed to be answered. My networking skills have skyrocketed through the roof through with the experience I have received through SIL. I have used the skills to my advantage during the summer and have landed myself a design project to broaden my portfolio. -Nemanja Predojevic


I was foreign to the Design Thinking methodology. Greg Affsa was the first to introduce me to the process. After going through multiple crash course I fell in love with the technique and realized its application is abundant. I am confident I am going to continue design thinking in future projects in my life. Networking skills and email etiquette are competencies that I practiced during the entirety of the 12 weeks at the Social Innovation Lab. I have a better grasp of creating new professional networks and maintaining them. I have acquired a lot of skills and network through the SIL 2016 that I will apply in the future. I have met major stakeholders that may have potential input to a startup I am working on. The SIL 2016 also influenced the way I will nurture my relationships with my teammates for future projects both academically and professionally. -Maarouf Barry


Accelerate impacted my life by showing me the many options an entrepreneur has. At Wentworth alone it is amazing how dedicated the Accelerate center is with the maker space and funding start-ups within the college community. Outside of Wentworth Accelerate showed us a world of networking and start-up challenges available to anyone interested. I hope to start a company in the near future and having experienced the SIL role I will be much more successful when it comes time to launch my own product. I have gained competencies in empathy and problem solving, as well as learned an efficient and meaningful way to approach a situation. -Daniel Rittenhouse


I learned more about the manufacturing and was surprised to hear that not many people were going into it before doing more research. I realized that the companies weren’t advertising their jobs with passion and purpose. This experience made me more interested in manufacturing as a future career, and I don’t want to see the industry die. I learned so much about design thinking and what goes into it. I learned there is more work and research that goes into designing a product than what goes into doing a standard project. -Meg Ortega

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