SIL Final Wrap Up- BostInno

September 16, 2014

This summer Accelerate launched its second Social Innovation Lab. The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) is a 12 week program in which Wentworth students work in interdisciplinary groups with external collaborators in order to solve real world problems. Following last summer’s SIL, six students were brought on to work their summer coops as Social Innovation Fellows. This year the SIL worked with the Franklin Park Zoo to enhance both animal enrichment and visitor engagement. The group was divided in order to have two individual groups each working with a different animal.

Jennifer Roy (BIND 2016), Ryan Cataldo (BSME 2017), and Josh Willis (BSEN 2017) worked with Jockamo the giant anteater, while Leslie DeLeon (M’ARCH 2015), Chad Davis (BSME 2016), and Eric Galano (BIND 2016) worked with the gorilla troupe. The team made great strides throughout the summer by going through the design process and determining what the most effective and innovative ways to accomplish their goals were. Their final prototypes included a food launcher for the gorillas, a press plate and pre-made mold for creating destructible termite mound for Jockamo, and a display case to house a mold and information about the animals. The work the students did impressed the many professionals they had the opportunity to work and network with as seen in this BostInno article written about their accomplishments. To see some of the work the SIL Fellows documented themselves check out their page at

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