Senior Teams Shine at Summer PitchRound

July 26, 2016

Senior Teams Shine at Summer PitchRound

Senior Teams Shine at Summer PitchRound

Accelerate’s July 14 PitchRound event showcased five teams looking to secure funding during a summer that marks four years of Accelerate’s Startup Challenge. 

Monique Fuchs, associate vice president of innovation + entrepreneurship, ran the first pitch event at Wentworth in 2012 for students interested in entrepreneurship. After its initial success, Accelerate grew into an entire center, creating several programs in addition to the Startup Challenge.

Participating in their third PitchRound event, Intellah-Wash impressed the crowd July 14 with a live feed that showed their transit wash-monitoring system in action. The team is working closely with the MBTA to help them become more sustainable, building a system that can save the organization over a $1 million per year in water costs. The judges were equally impressed and awarded the team $10,000.

Intellah-Wash: Emily Dillon (BSEN ’16 /Minor in BSM), Deven Hansen (BSEN ‘16), Scott Houtchens (BSEN ‘16/Minor in Computer Science)

Dragonfly engaged with the Startup Challenge for the first time last year, looking to tackle the critical issue of bike safety in Boston. Dragonfly developed a new concept for a bike light that makes cyclists more visible and were awarded the full $3,000 for which they pitched.  After two semesters of work and multiple iterations, they have developed a new and unique method for illuminating cyclists. The team pitched for an additional $10,000 at the July event to complete a small production run of their latest prototype, gearing it toward a Kickstarter campaign in early 2017. The judges were impressed with the team’s market research, as well as the potential impact of the product, awarding them the full $10,000.

Dragonfly: Dakota Baird (BIND ’16), Katelyn Jobes (BBME ’18), Julie Marquis (Suffolk ’16), Tyler Nelson (BIND ’16), Scott Ouellette (BCOS ’15), Justin Voytek (BIND ’16)

Anna Timchenko, BIND ’16, and her team, Lux Solis, were also at PitchRound, hoping to procure resources to assist in the development of a therapeutic light for people with depression from seasonal affective disorder.

Lux Solis: Anna Timchenko (BIND ’16), Erica Amato (BSME ’17)

In their last semester as students at Wentworth, the members of MyoThirm decided to take a chance and pitch their idea for a heated foam roller for muscle therapy. After pivoting to this idea during their senior design project, they received increased interest from friends. With a month and a half left in the semester, they will need to quickly utilize the $1,200 they were awarded by the judges to further develop their prototype. All four members are athletes who are currently looking for full-time employment, but eager to explore the product realization after they have graduated in August.

MyoThirm: Evan Allwarden (BSME ’16), Paul Blanco (BSME ’16), Brianna Lee (BSME ’16), Pam Mudge (BSEN ’16)

Combining technology and art, Peekseeq has redefined how electronic musicians assemble and buy sound samples online. Their user-friendly interface is unique to the industry and, after having been funded in the fall of last year, the team has made significant improvements to the layout and security of the website. Although the judges decided not to award the team funding this time, Peekseeq is still pushing forward with their beta product.  Accelerate will host a launch party in the near future and more information can currently be found on the team website.

Peekseeq: Alex Stokes (BCOS ’16), Riccardo Taglietti (Business Administration), Krystian Zawodniak (BU/International Business & Economics ’16),

In the last four years, 53 Accelerate teams have been awarded over $200,000 to push their ideas forward.

A similar recap of PitchRound can be found on BostInno.

Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center builds innovative thinking and entrepreneurial confidence among students to impact their career choices and success. The Center houses multiple programs such as the Startup Challenge, Social Innovation Lab, Think Tanks, and Innovation Methods and provides a platform for students to network and engage across disciplines with students, alumni, industry, and the Boston community.

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