Sagan and EPIC Mini Grants to Aid Various Projects

February 5, 2018

Wentworth faculty will have the chance to expand upon their dynamic ideas thanks to several impactful grants.

Most recently, the Sagan Fund Grants Committee awarded seven different projects:

  • Fatigue Tests and Data Analysis of Metal Components Under Different Stress Levels: Xiaobin Le ($20,000)
  • Reimagining the Government Service Center: Mark Pasnik ($5,750) 
  • Smart Adaptive Boot for Ankle Instability Treatment: Rabeeh Majidi ($19,495)
  • Catastrophe Modeling: John Haga, Mami Wentworth ($6,440)
  • Thomas Menino YMCA Streetscape Improvement: Robert Trumbour, Henderson Pritchard, Francis Hopcroft ($9,000)
  • Campus without Borders: Abigail Charest, Albeik ($8,616)
  • Luigi Nono Workshop Architectural Installation: John Ellis ($5,001)

These spring grants follow the Presidential EPIC Mini Grants that were awarded in the fall. The following projects were awarded funds:

  • Interdisciplinary Design: Jim McCusker, Durga Suresh-Menon ($3,000) 
  • High Temp Superconductors: Franz Rueckert, Ted Greene ($2,500)
  • Hybrid Virtual-Physical Fractal Experience: Rachel Mantra, Simon Williamson ($5,000)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Robotics: Rob Trumbour ($5,000)
  • Beating Earnshaw's Theorem: Douglas Goodman, Rachel Maitra ($5,000)
  • W-SPEC: Wentworth's Multi-purpose Scientific Drone: Ben Placek, Ryan Rogers ($5,000)
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence: Mehmet Ergezer, Aaron Carpenter, Durga Suresh-Menon, Mark Mixer ($5,000)
  • Nano Lab Flex Circuits and Microfluids: Yugu Yang-Keathley, Joseph Martel-Foley ($5,000)
  • Building of 1.3 GHz NMR Mapping Probe for 30T NMR: John Voccio, Jenny Song, Weihui Li ($5,000)
  • EPIC Teaching-Mobile Health System & Homecare Medical Device-Design, Implementation, & Analysis: Chen-Hsiang Yu, Ali Kiapour ($5,000)
  • Community Public Arts Commons: Lisa Falvey, Rob Trumbour ($5,000) 
  • CSS Annual Hack-a-thon: Memo Ergezer, Micah Schuster, Aaron Carpenter, Chris McIntyre ($5,000) 
  • Seeing the Unseen: Physics in Virtual Reality: Ben Placek, Franz Rueckert, Micah Schuster ($4,000) 
  • Earthquake Simulation Technology: Sharking Table: Anuja Kamat, Hadi Kazemiroodsari, James McCusker ($3,000) 
  • Flyometrics: Joseph Martel-Foley, Ryan Rogers ($4,915)
  • Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle. Aaron Carpenter, Peter Rourke, James O’Brien, James McCusker ($5,000)
  • Bio-propane. Chris Brigham and Greg Sirokman ($4,880)
  • A Wearable Neckband for Continuous Monitoring of Blood Pressure to Diagnose and Control Cardiovascular Disease. Hamed Salehizadeh, Ali Kiapour, Jiahui Song, Xiaobin Le, and Mira Yun ($4,920)
  • Low Cost Brailler Typewriter Design -Phase II.  John Voccio and Simon Williamson ($4,960)
  • Smart Cities: Intelligent Transportation Systems. Memo Ergezer and Tugba Arsava ($4,984.72)

“The Presidential EPIC Mini-Grants and Sagan grant proposals were evaluated in part on their student impact.  The grants support mentored undergraduate research, class projects, and external collaboration,” says Chuck Hotchkiss, dean of the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management, and member of the Presidential EPIC Mini Grants Committee.

The grants also serve as a showcase of Wentworth’s commitment to EPIC, its externally-collaborative, project-based, interdisciplinary culture. Funded projects include faculty, students, and outside collaborators working together across disciplines to advance their work.


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