Rose Conti: Corporator in Action

August 2, 2016

Rose Conti (far left) with President Zorica Pantić and others

Rose Conti (far left) with President Zorica Pantić and others

By Greg Abazorius

Rose Conti, ABC ’09, BCM ’12, will forever view Wentworth as a life-changing experience, one that allowed her to achieve a long-standing goal later in life.

As a wife and mother of two, Conti had achieved career success at the executive level for various companies, but she often found herself looking back on her time at Wentworth in the early 1990s. Though she had taken classes in building construction technology, she never completed the program. But with the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) expanding its offerings in the mid-2000s, Conti felt the time was right to return to Wentworth.

“It was a bucket list item that I wanted to check off to formalize my education and validate the more than 25 years of industry experience that I had,” she says.

Conti continued to work full time while attending CPCE evening classes, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in Building Construction in 2009. Knowing she could achieve even more, Conti went back to school yet again, this time earning a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management 2012.

“I feel that I’ve proven to my children that working hard for what you want always pays you back,” Conti says.

As the director of interiors/special projects for Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., Conti remains heavily involved with Wentworth, serving as a Corporator, volunteering for many alumni events, and working with groups on campus including Accelerate. She is a 2015 recipient of Wentworth’s Alumni Appreciation Award, serves on the Wentworth Alumni Association board, is a chair for the committee that plans Wentworth’s annual golf tournaments, and comes to campus whenever she can for student showcases, networking specials, and other events.

Conti finds that the Wentworth name is a familiar one nearly everywhere she finds herself.

“Wentworth is the heartbeat of our industry,” says Conti. “All roads lead to Wentworth, whether I am out with clients, speaking with perspective employees, or networking.”

Conti believes that giving back to Wentworth is an important part of one’s professional and personal life. She stays connected, she says, because of pride in all that Wentworth has achieved thus far, as well as anticipation for how the Institute will continue to grow in the years to come.

“We need to look at what we have gained from Wentworth and remember to pay it back for generations that follow,” Conti says. “It feels great to give back to the Institution that has helped me so much.”

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