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For ROI, Wentworth Ranked 45th Nationally Among ‘Best Value’ Private Institutions

April 27, 2017

Wentworth Institute of Technology is ranked at #45 of 866 “best value” private colleges and universities in the country, according to PayScale’s College ROI Report for 2017.

On a much larger list of 1,833 public and private colleges and universities ranked nationally by PayScale for return on investment—the amount paid for attendance vs. career earnings—Wentworth is tied at #99 (without financial aid factored in).

That puts the Institute in the top 9 percent of schools nationwide for return on investment.

The 2017 PayScale rankings place Wentworth and all the other schools under two lists. One list is “with financial aid” factored in, the other “without financial aid” considered.

For ROI, without financial aid factored in, Wentworth is tied with Wabash College (#99).

With financial aid considered, Wentworth comes in at #109, tied with San Jose State University. The “with” rankings factor in percentage of grant money received. For Wentworth, that number is 98 percent.  

For Massachusetts, Wentworth comes in at #10 out of 75 when financial aid is not factored in.  When financial aid is factored in, Wentworth is #14 out of 75 in the Commonwealth.

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