Professor Schultz’s New Book Aims to Unmask Deception in Architecture

August 25, 2020

architectural steel beams

A new book by Associate Professor Anne-Catrin Schultz examines the realm of truth, authenticity and fakery in architecture.

Real and Fake in Architecture: Close to the Original, Far from Authenticity? features diverse contributions that shed light on unexpected identities in architecture – inviting critical thought about our built environment – both analog and digital.

The goal of this publication goes beyond unmasking deception in architecture, says Schultz. It aims at unfolding timelines and revealing the layered nature of people and places. The essays and projects reveal our contemporary condition and let collective and individual narratives unfold, a range of truths in themselves. Expanding from the discussion about truthful materiality and tectonics, this book provides an understanding of real, authentic and fake in urbanism and architecture.

Real and Fake in Architecture includes pieces from a host of architects, scholars and photographers including Wentworth Institute of Technology faculty Dan Hisel, Jennifer Lee Michaliszn, Morgan McMahon, Christina Lanzl, Kelly Hutzell, Rami el Samahy and Ingrid Strong. Also featured are alumni Tom van Arman, Jessica Ronayne, Mat Maggio and Rima Abousleiman.

Schultz’s book will be released on September 8.

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