Plans for New Academic Building Announced

January 17, 2017

Plans for New Academic Building Announced

Plans for New Academic Building Announced 

Wentworth has filed plans with the City of Boston to build a 78,000-square-foot building on campus. The four-story facility will be located at the center of campus, between Watson Hall and Nelson Recreation Center/Tansey Gymnasium on Parker Street, where three tennis courts are currently located.

The project will take nearly two years. Wentworth plans to break ground for the building this summer and to occupy it in spring 2019.

The multipurpose structure will include laboratory and office space, as well as presentation and gathering areas for students, faculty, and staff, according to Vice President for Business David Wahlstrom.

Wahlstrom said the building, at about 64 feet high, is intended to meet the “next evolution” of study for several engineering disciplines by providing more-modern academic space.

Expected to cost approximately $55 million, the building will house Wentworth’s new Biological Engineering program; its Biomedical, Civil Engineering, and experiential learning programs; the Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center; and science and manufacturing labs.

“Wentworth’s curriculum is transitioning from a focus on engineering technology to engineering innovation in such areas as biological engineering,” Wahlstrom said.

“This transition requires new and different teaching and learning spaces with configurations that promote collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to solving the technical challenges of our day.”

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