Peekseeq Launches Beta Site

November 2, 2016

Peekseeq: the fastest way to make music. The former Accelerate Startup Challenge team launched the first beta version of their online music making platform on Monday and the results have been impressive for such a quiet launch.

“We launched on Monday and it’s kind of an unfortunate situation because the site crashed due to all the traffic,” Peekseeq Co-Founder, Alex Stokes, BCOS ‘16 said. “It was intermittent for a lot of the day, up for an hour, down for an hour, but once we finally got it figured out, it stayed up. Even with all the issues, we still had 1,000 users visit the site.”

Stokes, and his partner Ricardo Paglietti, utilized Google Analytics and saw users from all over the world. From Mexico to Japan, from California to the midwest. And their feedback was positive, a great sign for a company that is trying to create a new space in the music industry.

“There’s no place for independent musicians. And 90-95% of musicians are independent. There’s no way for them to make money,” Stokes said. “For us it’s about finding that nice balance between price and quality.”

Their platform is effective, accurate and most importantly, fast. Independent and home musicians alike can go on the site, pick the sounds they want, and put together an entire “pattern”. As Stokes says, “we are trying to sell the dream, not the end result.” This platform helps musicians put together their vision of what a song should sound like. They can easily translate the idea in their head into the website.

For Peekseeq, it’s all about creating a product that is accessible. Anyone can make music and they hope that with their tool, everyone will. They currently source their sounds from independent musicians and have regular interactions with BerkleeICE, Berklee College of Music’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship. They are in talks with other companies about purchasing sounds but their focus will continue to be on making sure their product is affordable for all.

For the foreseeable future, Peekseeq will continue to test and take feedback on their product. Monday’s launch was soft but now that the site is up and running, they will kick off some social media marketing and direct marketing with local musicians. They hope the capabilities of web browsers will continue to improve so their product can provide more options for users. They are currently pushing the limits of what Google Chrome and Firefox are capable of. They’re slowing entering the marketplace, intelligently gathering feedback and adjusting their product to fit the space. They want to create an effective music production tool that one day transforms from a “get started” tool to a place where users can create full songs, from beginning to end.

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