Noorian Outlines ‘Bridges of Understanding’ for Business Education

December 1, 2016

Noorian Outlines ‘Bridges of Understanding’ for Business Education

Noorian Outlines ‘Bridges of Understanding’ for Business Education

One of the best ways to engage international business students in the United States, says Wentworth Institute of Technology Professor Hossein Noorian, is to show them how alike their countries are economically—that most if not all are battling the same types of market fluctuations.

Speaking Nov. 30 as part of a Department of Humanities and Social Sciences lecture series, Noorian said disparate nations from India to Ireland are in some respects more similar economically than they are dissimilar. Many are faced with political and financial turmoil like currency devaluations, Noorian said. But, he added, those parallel challenges also help to create opportunities for better teaching for business management students.

Highlights from Noorian’s talk, “Creating Bridges of Understanding for Better Teaching of International Business” include:

  • “The impact of international students at American universities and colleges has been tremendous, both economically and culturally,” he says.
  • According to Noorian there are more than one million foreign students in different fields of study at colleges and universities in the United States. China, India and Saudi Arabia account for more than half of them. More than 350 international students from 53 different countries are attending Wentworth.
  • “The role that a faculty member can play is very crucial and delicate,” he says. Because these international students expect acknowledgement of their cultures and the roles that their respective countries play in the field of international politics and business.

“In essence,” he says, “the faculty member can create a bridge of understanding and be a catalyst to foster these encounters.” 

Noorian teaches in Wentworth’s Department of Business Management and has been on the Institute’s faculty since the 1980s. His talk concluded the 2016 slate for the Humanities and Social Sciences Brown Bag lecture series.

The department is making plans for additional talks in coming semesters.

--Dennis Nealon

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