Metavap BostInno August 2014

August 14, 2014

VUE (Vaporization User Experience)

VUE (Vaporization User Experience)

“Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, and even happens before an entire industry can get off the ground.”

The recently funded Accelerate team Metavap has been making a big impact this summer in the world of medical cannabis use. The team, consisting of Haiden Goggin, Tony Travaglini, and Paramveer Pabla, has been innovating the current standard for vaporizers. As Nick DeLuca says in his recent BostInno article, “Designers and engineers by training, the trio decided that the traditional vaporizing devices were simply counterintuitive. So, in the spirit of innovation, they set out to create a next-generation inhalation device that offers quality and dexterity.”

The team’s current focus for the product, called VUE (Vaporization User Experience), is to ensure that patients are comfortable with their device. Most patients will be using this on a daily basis, and as such the patients expect ease of mind and high functionality with their device. Haiden Goggin realizes we live in a world full of devices now and sees it as a way to build products in this developing industry, “People have higher expectations for their devices now more than ever.” Check out the Boston Article.

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