Mentors Impressed With Hot Seat Teams

October 20, 2016

At Accelerate’s Hot Seat event on October 19th, student teams had the opportunity to pitch and present the ideas they spent countless hours on in an informal question and answer session as part of the Startup Challenge. These strong preliminary ideas and prototypes were to be made stronger through the work of the mentors who attended the event.

Many of the mentors were professionals, with backgrounds in engineering, design, and entrepreneurship.

Mitch Tyson, a consultant, was one such mentor.

“This event is very interesting,” he said. “There are lots of students with lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm and lots of creative ideas.”

Olivia Vanni, a reporter for BostInno also attended the event.

“I always like to keep track of colleges and the students and what they’re doing to innovate in Boston. Wentworth always has an interesting outlook, very niche and they have great ideas,” she said.

About the event itself she added, “I think it’s great. I think the students work so hard. It’s a chance for them to showcase their work and get feedback.”

Some of the attending mentors were Wentworth faculty, including Professor Emily Dale, who teaches Introduction to Innovative Design.

“There are actually more business ideas here than I expected and I’m impressed by everybody’s presentation skills,” she said.

One of Wentworth’s Deans, Fred Driscoll was also in attendance.

“Accelerate and its energy and enthusiasm brought me here,” he said. “And as the Dean of Engineering and Technology, I noticed how many of our students are here. And they’re so articulate as they explain their designs.”

Another mentor from the professional realm was Sean Detweiler, a trademark attorney.

 “I found the guys with the heated roller very impressive. They gave a good presentation and, more importantly, they found an existing problem in physical therapy and engineered a solution that has a lot of potential,” he said.

The project to which he was referring, is Myotherm, a design for a new device that has the potential to make a big splash in the physical therapy space.

“Myotherm is an electrically heated foam roller that combines the benefits of myofascial release with heat therapy,” said the team who designed it. “It is  designed to accelerate the recovery process for people in physical therapy.”

But Myotherm was by no means the only impressive design. Others included: Moonwalks, which are VR integrated boots, CloseFriends, a secure video-chat designed to help connect people with similar interests, Gentoo, a form-fitting vest for patients undergoing out-patient treatment, and many others.      

Next up for these teams is PitchRound on November 17th, from  6pm to 8 pm. Teams will have five minutes to pitch their idea to a room full of their peers and a panel of expert judges. At the end of the night, the judges will vote to determine who walks away with funding to further their project. 

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