Keeping the Internet Together at Akamai

July 6, 2017

Tyler Springhetti, BSIS ’18, in the Akamai control center

Tyler Springhetti, BSIS ’18, in the Akamai control center (Photos by Greg Abazorius)

A content delivery network and cloud services provider, Akamai Technologies is an internet giant, responsible for 15 to 30 percent of all web traffic. For his co-op with the company this year, Tyler Springhetti, BSIS ’18, is at the center of it all.

Springhetti started reporting to Akamai’s Cambridge, Mass. location in January, taking on the role of network engineer co-op. Each day, he enters a prominent room near the front lobby that serves as the network control center. The room is illuminated solely by scores of computer screens, in addition to a wall composed of video screens and an interactive map—the latter an impressive display of each country in which Akamai hosts a data hub.

The map serves mainly as a visualization of Akamai’s global reach, but it closely relates to the work Springhetti completes in the same room. It is his job to investigate service interruptions and determine the root cause, solve the problem, and provide an ongoing history of network-impacting issues.

“I’m responding to issues all over the world,” he says. Tyler Springhetti, BSIS ’18

While he can’t disclose the details of what he sees, Springhetti believes one of the more interesting components of his job is working on secure machines that allow for troubleshooting in remote areas.

“I think being able to log into machines that are in other countries and work on them is very cool,” he says. 

Akamai is Springhetti’s second experience with co-op, having worked at OneBeacon Insurance Group in Canton, Mass., as an IT intern. The OneBeacon position called for him to work with Microsoft BI Stack, SQL Server, and other reporting and integrating software to create ad hock reports for the company.

“I feel like (that) corporate experience helped me understand what it would be like working for a company like Akamai,” he says. “And all of my networking courses at Wentworth significantly helped prepare me for this type of position.”

Springhetti plans to return to Akamai over the summer and resume classes in the fall. Formerly an instructor at Personal Best Karate in Easton, Mass., and a database assistant for Wentworth, he continues to assist with new student orientation sessions.

--Greg Abazorius

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