Important Message on Inaccurate Student-Incurred Debt at Wentworth

August 10, 2018

I am writing to set the record straight about an inaccurate representation by media outlets about Wentworth Institute of Technology’s ranking for student debt upon graduation. You may have heard a recent news report that Wentworth was ranked as one of the top colleges in Massachusetts for the level of debt that students bear upon graduation, reporting an inaccurate average level of student debt. 

The accurate number for the average debt that students assume upon obtaining a degree at Wentworth is $35,703, which is in line with other STEM-degree granting institutions.

This error occurred when media outlets obtained inaccurate information in Peterson’s Guide that was published in a report by LendEDU. When informed of the inaccuracy, Peterson’s and LendEDU both agreed to quickly correct their data.

We are always committed to working with our students and families to offer the most affordable education possible. We also offer an education that is an incredible return on investment at graduation and throughout our graduate’s careers. This value is tremendous, as data from varying and numerous sources suggests: 

  • The Wall Street Journal ranked Wentworth as #3 in the northeast for career placement in a 2016 analysis. Schools in the top 10 in that category include some of the big-name institutions not only in Massachusetts but in the country.
  • A report by the Brookings Institution (released in 2015) ranked Wentworth among the top 7 percent of schools for occupational earnings power (score of 100/100) and among top 2 percent of U.S. schools for value-added earnings (score of 92/100).
  • PayScale’s College ROI Report for 2017 ranked Wentworth at #45 of 866 “best value” private colleges and universities in the country, putting it in the top 9 percent of schools nationwide for return on investment.

We have our own very good news to report regarding career outcomes, as well. A survey of the Class of 2017 shows that 98 percent of survey participants are working or attending graduate school, and 96 percent of those working are employed in their field of study at Wentworth with an average starting salary $60,000.

As members of the Wentworth community, we are all very proud of our university’s long-standing record of educating highly sought-after graduates who can provide immediate value to their employers, their communities and the world.

Should you hear this inaccuracy, please take a moment to correct the record. We all depend on each other as frontline advocates and ambassadors to share the great story of our university. 

Thank you very much,

Zorica Pantić


An Explanation of Our Data

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