Graduating Students Look Back on Time at Wentworth Ahead of Commencement

April 23, 2019

Ahead of Spring Commencement, we spoke with several graduating students about their time at Wentworth and asked for advice to pass on to others.

Kelly Hall, Master of Construction Management

Kelly Hall received the Outstanding Master’s Degree Student Award this year and has been a very active member of the Wentworth community, recently organizing a faculty panel for College of Professional and Continuing Education graduate students this past fall. He aims to ultimately build hospitals in Africa.

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

I would have to say that the way that it prepares you for your career. I went to [another school] for my undergrad and there’s a marked difference between the amount of preparation it gives you for the professional world. It’s a lot less focused on just what you’ll do in class. It gets you out there; it gets you what you need. Every single professor that I’ve had in my program was a working professional, so it’s more than just textbooks.

How has Wentworth prepared you better for post graduate life?

I think a big part of it is the Career Fair, which is geared exactly for Construction Management, that was pretty great. We’re the only program that has its own career fair. Just getting a chance to talk to my professors who are working in my field, building that professional network has been huge. I just talked to someone for a job interview and they knew one of my professors. So I was like “Do you know Cynthia?” and they were like “Yeah, we know Cynthia!” and I was like “I got the job.”

What are you planning to do after commencement?      

I’m going to work in construction management. My plan was always to do healthcare construction and I already got a couple offers now and hopefully I’m trying to transition to social impact construction in Sub-Saharan in Africa

Who is someone at Wentworth that you have greatly admired or looked up to?

That’s a tough question… a couple. So, I have my professor [of Supply Chain Management], Anthony Rossio, who worked for Microsoft and is constantly learning. And my graduate advisor who was always like, “We’re gonna make it happen and we’re gonna sell raffle tickets and everybody’s gonna show up!” So, people like that.

What advice would you offer to students just entering Wentworth?

Pay attention. Pay attention and make the most of the co-ops and the Accelerate program… all of the different extracurriculars. Just take advantage of the opportunities.

Aly Mancuso, Architecture

Aly Mancuso has been a standout student during her time at Wentworth and got involved as often as possible, even serving as a member of the university’s Commencement Committee.  

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

I loved being able to jump right into my education at Wentworth and become immersed in learning architecture. From day one we were drawing and building models and visiting actual sites right in Boston. I have found the hands-on experience especially rewarding.

How has Wentworth prepared you better for post-graduate life?

With Wentworth’s co-op program, I feel that we are extremely prepared to step out into the real world, find jobs, and become a contributing part of the architecture community. The experiences that I had as a co-op student gave me the opportunity to work directly in the architecture industry.

What are you planning to do after commencement?

I will be continuing my education at Wentworth for another year through the Master of Architecture program. I look forward to developing a thesis and working as a teaching assistant for younger students.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you've greatly admired or looked up to?

I have learned so much from Ann Pitt, an associate professor in the Department of Architecture. She was my studio teacher in the fall of 2017 and pushed me to my full potential over the course of the semester. I learned so much from her and really grew as a student. I really appreciate that she went out of her way to always help me. I also had Ann as a professor for my “Color Relationships” class this semester, which was an abstract painting architecture elective. It was really rewarding to have Ann again and in such a different area of interest.  

What advice would you offer to students just entering Wentworth?

I encourage first-year Wentworth students to embrace the community that surrounds our campus and to develop relationships with their peers and faculty. The small size of Wentworth allows for a tight-knit, family like atmosphere where you know everyone and it is a really unique experience!

Matthew Dean, Electromechanical Engineering

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

Having the ability to interact with so many different backgrounds. I’m from Central New Hampshire, a little town, and you get to come into Boston, this big city that has so many different cultures and different aspects that I was very unfamiliar with. And the ability to access all the information at Wentworth, go through so many different courses and classes, and interact with so many different students is awesome. At your fingertips, you can go out and explore the city and be a part of this bigger picture.

How has Wentworth prepared you better for post graduate life?

It’s matured me in multiple ways. Like I said, I was a little kid from New Hampshire and didn’t know what was out there. It’s allowed me to grow and see the different opportunities that are out there. Whether that’s working in a school district or within a school setting or branching out into some other work environments, it’s definitely prepared me and allowed myself to grow more than I ever could imagine.

What are you planning to do after commencement?

I’ve accepted a job with Raytheon in Dover, N.H. as a mechanical engineer. I’ll be starting that up probably a week or so after I graduate.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you’ve greatly admired or looked up to?

I played on the basketball team for four years and I wouldn’t say there’s just one. I have to say it’s my teammates and the upperclassmen. Coming in as a freshman, not knowing how it works; you go from a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond. [It’s] just having my teammates to lean on if I ever had a question go from freshman year. Then even sophomore, junior year, having that upperclassman there if I had any other questions. And being able to relay that information down to the underclassmen when I became a senior.

What advice would you offer to students just entering Wentworth?

I’d say to keep an open mind. Embrace anything you can. There’s so many different opportunities at Wentworth. Like I said, I was in the athletics program which took up obviously a lot of my time, but still had the ability to reach out and work with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and different groups around campus that allow you to grow and allow you to be a well diverse individual. I think that’s really important especially as this world evolves, being as diverse as possible just allows you to interact better with anyone.

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