Graduate Feature: Lisa Piccirillo

August 15, 2013

Graduate Feature: Lisa Piccirillo

Lisa Piccirillo

Industrial Design

What did you enjoy most about your program?

The industrial design program at Wentworth is lucky to be comprised of the best faculty and staff! They are always helping us beyond their means regardless of the crazy amount of worries, questions, and stress we may put upon them on a daily basis. Industrial design is centered on a team-based system. It is hard to get by without listening to each other’s advice in critiques. This skill set has and will definitely help us in the future.

What was your most memorable college experience?

My most memorable college experience was our very first division III varsity women's lacrosse game! My freshman year here at Wentworth, a bunch of my friends and I started the women's lacrosse club team. We had many ups and downs, went through several different coaches and assistant coaches, and had to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse from the bottom up to many of our new players. We made it through three years of craziness and the athletic department had faith we would continue to grow. We had our first varsity season this past year and I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have become. I cannot wait to come back to see more Wentworth women's lacrosse games in the future!

What’s the most important thing you learned at Wentworth – what’s your biggest takeaway?

The industrial design program teaches students to have the confidence to pitch their product ideas, whether it’s a one-on-one presentation or a large audience. We have learned interpersonal skills, teamwork, and responsibility that will help us thrive in the working-world.

What did you like best about co-op, where did you do it, what was your position?

For my first co-op I had the opportunity to work for The First Years. I worked on mother, infant, and toddler product design. We had a design team consisting of about six people in our office, and I was one of those designers. I had an amazing hands-on experience working with the team on developing products for the 2013 release. I am currently part of a patent with the company and have several products on the market. It was amazing to be part of the team, rather than considered just an intern. Although the job was intimidating at times, the people I worked with were extremely helpful, personable, and wanted me to learn as much as possible.

For my second co-op I worked with in the Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program here at Wentworth. I had the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs in the Boston area, set up workshops to help guide student teams in building their business, and give the teams design advice according to my personal experience in industrial design. Through teaching entrepreneurship and small business relations, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

What’s your favorite part of going to school in Boston?

Boston IS our campus. We have the amazing opportunity to reap the benefits of a small school feel, while still having the ability to get lost in the immense number of college students throughout the city. The Charles, the Innovation district, the North End, "the hill," Fenway…so much to explore!

What’s your reaction to graduating from college?

These have been the fastest four years of my life. I have grown so much in the past four years and I wouldn’t have chosen to do it any other way.


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