Frankenstein Fest Celebrated Shelley's Master Work

October 25, 2018

A man reading a book

Leonard Delosh, Department of Management chair at Wentworth, reads as part of the Frankenstein marathon read event. (Photos by Samuel Kim)

Faculty, students, and staff took turns reading from Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein on Oct. 24 in the WIRE radio studio.

Marking the bicentennial of the book’s publication, the Fenway Frankenstein Festival featured a slew of events on the campuses of Wentworth and the other Colleges of the Fenway.

Events included a keynote address from author Charlotte Gordon, a “Frankenbash,” gallery displays, faculty panels, and more.

First-year writing professor Monica Soare of Wentworth discussed the role of Frankenstein in the female gothic fandom movement.

Wentworth students in a digital photography course displayed photos that examined contrasting themes of beauty and supernatural extremes in the Casella Gallery as part of the "Frank(ly) Sublime" exhibit.

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