Courtney Wright and LeMar Brown Honored for Community Work

September 11, 2017

Two Wentworth staff members have been honored for their work in the local community. Officials from Mission Main recognized the work of Courtney Wright, assistant director of the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships, while the Mission Hill Crime Committee recognized LeMar Brown, community policing and off-campus liaison.

For 32 years, the Mission Hill Crime Committee has served as a neighborhood watch for the Roxbury area, bringing neighbors together through various community programs. Brown has been very active with the group, serving on the committee and participating in Mission Hill “ride arounds,” which entail riding with Boston Police Department officers though the neighborhood to monitor student-related issues.

Goodwill programs also constitute a large part of Brown’s role, as he conducts one-on-one sessions with students in an effort to introduce them to their neighbors and learn to safely share Mission Hill with all residents.Courtney Wright and LeMar Brown Honored for Community Work

“We’ve definitely seen good behavior increasing,” he says.

Like Brown, Courtney Wright spends a lot of her time working with Wentworth’s neighbors and bringing them together. She has worked closely with the Mission Main Task Force in the seven years she has been at Wentworth, getting to know residents, and organizing community events that bring together Wentworth students and Mission Main residents.  She was also instrumental in bringing a computer lab to the housing complex, taking part in various toy drives, and managing a co-op student who works for Mission Main.

Wright also volunteers with Brown and other Public Safety officials for site cleanups, and various hands-on community events in which students can take part including the Mission Hill Road Race.

“One of my goals is to help students understand that this is a neighborhood of families and we are all here to coexist,” says Brown.

Adds Wright, “One of my goals is to see students feel empowered to interact with city leaders outside of formal opportunities. There is always room to continue those relationships.”

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