A Conversation with Peekseeq

August 17, 2016

Alex, Krys and Ricky

Alex, Krys and Ricky

Peekseeq is an interdisciplinary start-up whose mission is to make music technology more accessible. We talked to Alex, Krys and Ricky about their experience founding a company, what it’s like to pitch, and what accomplishments they are most proud of.

Was entrepreneurship something that interested you before you began working within Accelerate? Did you have any prior experience working on an idea or trying to start a company?

The thought of building something brought us together and encouraged us to take the plunge into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Our school projects taught us the basics, but nothing really compares to starting a company from the ground up. Every project brings its own challenges, but we couldn’t have predicted the things that happened this past year.

Most Accelerate teams are made up of only WIT students, but Peekseeq is comprised of a mixture of Wentworth and Boston University students. Can you tell me how you met each other, and how you decided to work together?

Alex and Krys have been lifelong friends since Elementary school, and Ricky and Krys met at Boston University freshman year. Alex came to Krys and Ricky for help with the business plan and the Accelerate pitch. The dynamic that we had that day gave us the encouragement to collaborate on the project.

How did the idea for Peekseeq come about? Was the initial, core idea similar to what you’re currently working on, or did you pivot at all during the process of research and prototyping?

As musicians, the current methods for finding sound samples hinder the musical process and cause a lot of unneeded frustration. Alex created a proof of concept for an independent study, but wanted to vet the idea before bringing it to Accelerate. Our mission to make music technology more accessible remains the same to this day, although we have experimented with several business model iterations since our first pitch.

The first time being funded is a big milestone for any team, but it’s important to recognize achievements beyond funding. Can you tell me what you consider to be some of the big accomplishments for your company?

Getting funded was definitely awesome, but some others include seeing web traffic on our alpha-release reach 1000 users per day, and forming our corporation. Right now we are working with lawyers to give us the legal foundation needed for launch.

On the topic of pitching and being funded: can you describe what it felt like the first time you pitched? If you could go back to 10 minutes before that first pitch, what advice would you give yourself?

Nervous is definitely the first word that comes to mind. Not only because we wanted to effectively explain our product, but also because we needed to clearly convey our niche industry to a wider audience.

Our advice is to make your audience feel your emotional attachment to the problem. You need to distill what makes your product exciting in a very simple, and clear manner. Get right to what your product is and then explain the details later.

What’s next for Peekseeq?

In September, we will release our public beta. This includes account creation and our open-marketplace features. For anyone who owns the right, they will be able to upload their samples to our site and start making money. This is the core aspect we’ve been talking about for months, so to see this happen is huge for us.

Anything else you’d like to share about your company, or experiences with entrepreneurship?

We want to thank Accelerate for giving us access to great resources and helping us grow this past year. Their impact on Peekseeq has been invaluable, and we could have never gotten to where we are without them.

Visit their website to learn more. You can also find them on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

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