Computer Information Systems Program Launches in Fall 2013

December 14, 2012

Boston, MA—December 14, 2012— Wentworth Institute of Technology today announced that a new undergraduate program in Computer Information Systems (CIS) will be launched in the fall of 2013. The interdisciplinary program links business management and computer science, providing a formal study of business organizations and the programming, databases, and networks that support them.

Addressing both student and industry demand, the CIS program provides an educational opportunity that blends the skills of computer scientists and business professionals. Graduates of the program will be well-prepared for the rapidly growing number of opportunities in CIS and information technology and will enter one of the highest-paying job markets where the national average starting salary for a CIS graduate is $65,000.

Students will complement business skills with strong technical skills in databases; systems analysis and design; business processes; organizational behavior; networking and telecommunications; and project management. As part of the program design, students will be provided the option to choose a concentration from either business management, such as project management or finance; computer science, such as databases or software development; or they can design a concentration that fits their desired goals. Consistent with an education at Wentworth, students will be required to complete two semesters of a cooperative education (co-op) work experience.

“There is great demand for a CIS education because organizations today are dependent upon technology to streamline functions, decrease costs, and communicate with customers,” said Suzanne Kennedy, department chair, Management and Facilities, College of Arts and Sciences. “Students will be able to apply their creativity, problem solving, and communications skills to bridge the gaps between computers and people.”

Reflecting the interdisciplinary collaboration that exists in industry, this program functions at the intersection of business and technology, drawing on resources from both the Department of Management and Facilities and the Department of Computer Science and Networking. 


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