Commencement Student Profiles - Spring 2011

May 13, 2011

Alexis Rodriguez-Carlton
Electromechanical Engineering
"I think what I enjoyed most about my program were the 'ah-hah!' moments that would come from learning the technical explanation for a phenomenon that I had observed but not understood."

Krystal Rodrigues
Master of Architecture
"I feel very lucky to have been taught by such a talented group of professors and to have studied architecture in such a charming city as Boston."

Lee Denaro
Electromechanical Engineering
"Technically speaking, the design projects were my biggest engineering takeaway, as it really ties all the learning you have completed into a single solution to a problem you feel is worth solving."

Brad Powers
Electromechanical Engineering
"Theory is essential to the learning process and is the first step to understanding anything. Wentworth classes always took that second step to introduce us to the practical applications of the theory."


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