Commencement Profile: Silvia Colpani

April 19, 2017

Commencement Profile: Silvia Colpani

Commencement Profile: Silvia Colpani

Silvia Colpani, Master of Architecture

Silvia Colpani is a native of Italy who was recognized with the Wentworth President’s Undergraduate Award for her significant success at the Institute and contributions to the program.  Since then, Silvia has continued to excel in the Master of Architecture program. Her professors have characterized her as a thoughtful and inquisitive young professional who exemplifies a generosity of spirit and the highest standards of the discipline.

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?
The people I had the pleasure to meet throughout these four years as a student. Being an architecture student is like being part of a big family, and I couldn’t have asked for better people to be with for my experience in the USA.

How has Wentworth prepared you for post-graduate life?
The co-op experience along with the professional perspective class not only gave me an idea of what the professional world looks like, they gave me the opportunity to see it by myself and to learn from it.

What are you planning to do after commencement?
I plan to use my time as an international student to work in the United States for a year, and make the most out of it in terms of learning and building my skill set.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you’ve greatly admired or looked up to?
My peers, my professors, and other professionals working at Wentworth. It is impressive to see how much people accomplish every day working hard to improve the academic environment we live in. Among these people, there are two great women I look up to every day. One is Annamaria Wenner, dean of students. Not only she is the very best at doing her job, but she also manages to be one of the most caring and loving people I have ever met. She truly puts her heart into everything she does, and the Wentworth community is so lucky to have her. The other woman I sincerely admire is Kelly Hutzell, the director of the Master of Architecture program. The passion and the time that she dedicates to her students are remarkable. Among the reasons why I look up to her is the fact that she manages to be an incredible architect, a great director, a wife, and a mother, striving to be her best at all of this. The fact that she is admired and respected among the department reflects her dedication. 

What advice would you offer to students just entering Wentworth?
To a student just entering Wentworth, I would advise being open to meet new people, because in one way or another they will make a difference in your life. I would also recommend asking anytime you are in doubt because no one knows better than your peers and the people that share the same environment with you. And the last but not the least, I would suggest not to be afraid of making mistakes, instead to learn from them, because there is no easier way to make yourself better.

—Greg Abazorius & A.J. Martin

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