Commencement Profile: Mitchell Kendrioski

April 19, 2017

Commencement Profile: Mitchell Kendrioski

Commencement Profile: Mitchell Kendrioski

Mitchell Kendrioski, Electromechnical Engineering

Mitchell Kendrioski is an avid sports fan who played varsity soccer at Wentworth and excelled in many extracurricular activities, including creating a Catholic Student Association club on campus. He also completed co-ops with iRobot, the Lee Company, and KARL STORZ.

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

There are many experiences I can reflect upon, ranging from sports, clubs, and school work. Though I did enjoy my academic challenges and achievements, my favorite thing about my Wentworth experience was joining and meeting the people in the Catholic Student Association, which linked me to students, professors, priests, and religious brothers throughout the city of Boston.

How has Wentworth prepared you for post-graduate life?

I am very pleased with the way Wentworth has prepared me for a career in the engineering field. Co-ops have been invaluable in determining my interests and goals that I have in the engineering discipline.

What are you planning to do after commencement?

Getting a golden retriever and a 1970 Chevelle. But I’m also weighing entering the work force and entering graduate school. Eventually, [I might consider] becoming a college professor.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you’ve greatly admired or looked up to?

There are many people whom I greatly look up to here at Wentworth. Some are professors, others are deans or directors, and some are my classmates. Professor [Masoud] Olia is a teacher I greatly look up to. The understanding he has of the material he teaches is comprehensive and inspiring.  He knows his stuff.

What advice would you offer to students entering Wentworth?             

Work hard in the beginning and find the program and major that you enjoy. Then be the hardest worker in your class. Then have fun. Make sure you do it in that order. Finally, repeat this process every day for the rest of your life.

—Greg Abazorius & A.J. Martin

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